Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitchen Love for the dream book

Dream book kitchens below. These are amazing!!
I love finding neat home pictures of inside and outside of homes. I love all things home if you can't tell. We are all home bodies here in this house. We love to go on vacations and out shopping for the day (me-the shopping one) but most times when we aren't doing sports with the kids we are home. I especially love kitchens, I think most woman do. I love cooking, and cleaning so the kitchen would be suitable. Although together sometimes it is like deja vu and I get a little burnt out. The kitchen is where we do everything in our house. It is my favorite room. I love fresh light kitchens the most. So here are some favorite recent finds.

This one reminds me of a movie house kitchen. I love movie houses. Hope your having a great day. It was rainy and cold today but hoping for some more warm weather like we had on Sunday it was 86!


  1. We had a cold and rainy day here as well! Hope you get your dream kitchen one day soon Katie : )

  2. My dream kitchen too!! Lovely!


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