Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Pictures

Here are my 3 Blessings!!
I took my camera to church because I didn't have a lot of time that morning to take pictures. Every year I want to take pictures and then we get rushed and run behind.

Friday night we had a good Friday service that was awesome. My friend Emily painted this picture of Jesus and everyone put their hand prints that represented sin next to it. It was a packed emotional service. I was helping with the 4 yr olds but heard all about it, I love our church!!

Right before church

She is adorable, seriously. Her 3 yr old sassyness is a lot to take at times but she is precious. Today she told me Jesus lives in heaven and that He loves her.

I love these pictures of all three of them. I am so blessed to have them! Hardest job in the world but by far my greatest Joy!

"Drew B"

" Lauren Lu Lu Bell"


Do you have nicknames for your kids? These are the ones that seemed to stick around here. I also call Lauren "Lauren Gracie"

My good friend Jackie came over Sat for lunch and a Easter egg hunt. It was rainy, but we were able to play outside for a while.

Our kids are similar in age and play great together. We have so much in common staying at home and trying to be the best mama's we can be. We share all our struggles and encourage each other. Thank You God for such a great friend. Love you Jackie!! Her kids are so so cute, and they are so sweet!!

This year we did our Easter baskets on Saturday morning. My friend Angela suggested this on face book and I think it is a great idea. We love to have fun on Easter but I want the kids to know the real reason so this kind of takes the focus off the Bunny and on Jesus on Sunday morning. It went well.

Lego's are always apart of Jaden's gifts. He is just so mechanically inclined it is scary. Drew likes Star Wars so he got a few new guys.

Coloring eggs. What an adventure. They really got into decorating this year. Lauren wanted her pink egg after it dried but was mad at me that I cracked off the shell for her to eat it. I guess she did not understand why I ruined her beautiful pink egg. She cracks me up. My mom sent the boys $10 for Easter and sent Lauren a shirt. You should have seen her face when she did not get $10 too. She threw the card and said "Where is my money" It was really funny. If I had that on tape I think it would have won funniest home videos. Needless to say Nana is sending Lauren her $10.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!


  1. HA! The $10 thing would soooo happy at our house, too! :-P
    It makes my hert swell to see your fam with Jackie's. <3
    We are big on nicknames, too, esp. for Annelise - hers is Princess Pumpkin Peach Pie & every shorter derivation thereof! :-D

  2. Haha! It's funny how early they pick up on it when they don't get the same thing as their siblings. :D They all looked so cute in their pictures!

  3. Hi! We did the Saturday Easter Bunny and it went fine too! Easter Sunday morning is so hectic getting to church on time anyway! We had a great service too, at the PAC! Kids look adorable! Love you friend!


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