Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fuzzy Balls and Happy Dollars...

I came up with a new idea for a reward system. I don't know if it will work long term but I figured with the attitudes I have been having lately it was worth a try. We have done other kinds of reward systems in the past marbles, stickers etc.. It has been a while and the attitudes are showing. My kids are great kids but if I give them a inch they take a mile. There has been to much freedom and to much (below)
I love Berenstain Bear books, they seem to fit very well into our issues. We have had a long winter and it has been a cold spring. I don't know about all of you but sometimes I get lazy too. I want the kids to enjoy life and I say yes to much at times. I am not afraid to say no but sometimes I say yes to make them happy and it is less stressful. I know that spoiled kids is not my goal and that I am not going to be their best friend most of the time. Being a homemaker also makes it much easier on them. I am always here to help them, clean, make snacks, do homework,etc..I am proud to do it and it is a gift to them but they take advantage of me. Life is a good teacher and I am going to have to make them help out more. I have noticed my kids attitudes change when they watch to much TV and video games. They become irritable, bored acting and lazy. They like other things too but they get into that TV haze that I can not stand so this mama is laying down the law.

Fuzzy Balls and Happy Dollars

This came to me on my early morning trip to Target. One of my favorite stores.. I was thinking bingo chips but found fuzzy balls. For every 20 fuzzy balls they get they get a "Happy Dollar." If they want they can save 4 of them to get a purple Happy Dollar.

Jaden is grumpy when he gets home from school. I think that he is tired and he likes to unwind by watching TV. I have noticed that the TV has made him even more grumpy especially when it is time for homework so now we are taking a break from it. When he came home today I shared the system with all three of them. Jaden was so excited!! He loved this whole idea. Drew had a little bit of the Green Eyed Monster in him and said "that is all we get". (Just keepin it real) Believe me I work so hard not to have selfish kids and for the most part they are very grateful but Drew has the gimmes a lot. Lauren just wanted to play with the balls(:

I thought I would share this with you all today. I know moms need encouragement and fresh ideas at times. It seems that it is always something and a new stage of some sorts is always lurking. I am always learning through my kids and I am humbled by them. God has refined me in so many ways with their different challenges. They like to take turns I say but I have learned the most about life from being a parent. I am also so thankful for my friends that we all share our frustrations and try to help one another.

I will have to update you all soon (:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Pictures

Here are my 3 Blessings!!
I took my camera to church because I didn't have a lot of time that morning to take pictures. Every year I want to take pictures and then we get rushed and run behind.

Friday night we had a good Friday service that was awesome. My friend Emily painted this picture of Jesus and everyone put their hand prints that represented sin next to it. It was a packed emotional service. I was helping with the 4 yr olds but heard all about it, I love our church!!

Right before church

She is adorable, seriously. Her 3 yr old sassyness is a lot to take at times but she is precious. Today she told me Jesus lives in heaven and that He loves her.

I love these pictures of all three of them. I am so blessed to have them! Hardest job in the world but by far my greatest Joy!

"Drew B"

" Lauren Lu Lu Bell"


Do you have nicknames for your kids? These are the ones that seemed to stick around here. I also call Lauren "Lauren Gracie"

My good friend Jackie came over Sat for lunch and a Easter egg hunt. It was rainy, but we were able to play outside for a while.

Our kids are similar in age and play great together. We have so much in common staying at home and trying to be the best mama's we can be. We share all our struggles and encourage each other. Thank You God for such a great friend. Love you Jackie!! Her kids are so so cute, and they are so sweet!!

This year we did our Easter baskets on Saturday morning. My friend Angela suggested this on face book and I think it is a great idea. We love to have fun on Easter but I want the kids to know the real reason so this kind of takes the focus off the Bunny and on Jesus on Sunday morning. It went well.

Lego's are always apart of Jaden's gifts. He is just so mechanically inclined it is scary. Drew likes Star Wars so he got a few new guys.

Coloring eggs. What an adventure. They really got into decorating this year. Lauren wanted her pink egg after it dried but was mad at me that I cracked off the shell for her to eat it. I guess she did not understand why I ruined her beautiful pink egg. She cracks me up. My mom sent the boys $10 for Easter and sent Lauren a shirt. You should have seen her face when she did not get $10 too. She threw the card and said "Where is my money" It was really funny. If I had that on tape I think it would have won funniest home videos. Needless to say Nana is sending Lauren her $10.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank You Jesus

Please pause my music below at the very bottom and press play up here.
God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8
The ground is level at the cross. Thank you Jesus for your Love, Mercy, and Grace.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pillows done easy..

Found this great fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics. It was a designer fabric but it was in the remnant bin since there was only about a yard or so. I had a coupon too so it was around $8 from $25 a yard since it was a end piece. I really love this light blue color, it is very spa like. I need spa around here. I wanted something in this blue color. I ripped off some old pillow cases and made covers. I am not a great sewer but I know a enough to get little things done. I did not add zippers or anything like that. These are very quick easy pillow covers.
Turn fabric inside out and sew good sides together. I just put my pillow underneath to see how big I needed, no pattern here. Then I pinned it all down and sewed it all around and left one side open. Then I just sewed it shut. I have a picture below on how to put them hem in so it looks nice.

I had leftover drop cloth from my chair project and used that for the backs. That is great secret since I did not have much fabric. How often do you need both sides in the nice fabric? So the back is a natural color, and I was able to make several pillows this way.

This is the end you need to tuck the fabric under and then sew it up on the side. This would be a great place for a zipper but I was not going to make it that complicated considering in a year or two they will get stained anyway. This will not take you long at all. Now you can buy pillows at yard sales that have horrible covers and use the inserts. This is especially great if they are down inserts. Pottery Barn charges a lot for inserts that are down, that is the thing about buying pillows from there. The cover and the insert, blah...One is bad enough in cost.

Not perfect but cute and they added that color I wanted.

She is so darn cute!! She loves for me to take her picture being silly and then wants to take my picture too.

She has some yuck on her face but still a cute picture of her. She is really growing up. Tonight Jaden has his 2nd grade performance. He is really excited. I have been helping with school, church and getting ready for Easter..Busy lately but all good things.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitchen Love for the dream book

Dream book kitchens below. These are amazing!!
I love finding neat home pictures of inside and outside of homes. I love all things home if you can't tell. We are all home bodies here in this house. We love to go on vacations and out shopping for the day (me-the shopping one) but most times when we aren't doing sports with the kids we are home. I especially love kitchens, I think most woman do. I love cooking, and cleaning so the kitchen would be suitable. Although together sometimes it is like deja vu and I get a little burnt out. The kitchen is where we do everything in our house. It is my favorite room. I love fresh light kitchens the most. So here are some favorite recent finds.

This one reminds me of a movie house kitchen. I love movie houses. Hope your having a great day. It was rainy and cold today but hoping for some more warm weather like we had on Sunday it was 86!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pray for this little baby

This little precious baby is only a couple months old. My friend Janette's parents go to this mom's church. She linked it on Facebook and my heart is breaking for this little guy. Mom has a lot on her plate right now and recently became a single mome. She also has two other small girls. Here is a link to her blog, maybe you could pray for her or leave her a note of encouragement for sweet Xavier. Her faith is amazing!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bamboo Shades

I am really happy with my new bamboo shades. I was going to order them since my windows are odd sizes but when I was Lowe's last week they just started carrying custom cut bamboo blinds. It was much cheaper this way then ordering and they are nicer then roll up shades they are roman shades. I also found the liners on clearance for only $5 a piece as opposed to $25. They need liners because without they are med. transparency. The liners help. They are kind of a pain to string on, but thanks to my friend Jackie I figured out the best way to connect them. I think they add lots of texture and warmth to the room. In the winter they will help with insulation too. There is so much light in this room that my camera gets a overexposed look but you get the idea. I will try to take some pictures in the evening. I pull them down a bit and they even look better with the softer light.

Sun is shinning today so that brings me joy. Spring is finally here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prayers for Jaden

Life can be painful at times and thankfully through the storms there is hope and assurance that God loves us. Monday we took Jaden to the dermatologist finally after waiting months to get in. He has developed a really bad rash on his arms, legs, and scalp. For a long time I didn't know what it was but our pediatrician thought it was psoriasis. As time went on that looked to be it and I was seriously concerned. It can be very bad at times but can be manageable too. I saw so many pictures on the Internet that scared me since it can also cause arthritis at a early age. It came on suddenly about 8 month ago and has gotten worse. It is in fact psoriasis but our Dr who is on the list for one of the best Dr's in America and has worked at our Children's hospital as the head person for 18 yrs was optimistic. It is believed to be a hereditary condition that is quite common tons of people have this disorder but to varying degrees. Rob and I don't have it but Rob mom has it on her scalp. The Dr. said since hers is not that bad and it has not caused arthritis then Jaden's should not. Since he has been a dermatologist he has seen very few cases where it has gotten so bad that it was all over the body.
I did cry a lot Monday and it breaks my heart that it itches him. We are just being optimistic that we can get it cleared up he also has a secondary infection on top of it that has made it worse. I often wonder why God allows bad things to happen to children. Jaden is such a special kid who loves the Lord and has such a good attitude about it all. It humbles me to see him handle it. I don't want to feel sorry for myself or him but to be able to use this as another tool in the toolbox for his testimony. Unfortunately we all will face many more storms in life and they make us who we are. Each one of my kids will face their own battles. I am so grateful that my children know Christ and we are Christians. I don't know how anyone could make it though life not knowing that God has a plan for each one of us and He desires the best for us even if it is not in the way we think.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Even though this stinks like my one friend Chere said Jaden is a strong boy and God will use this remember first that he is God's son first and that God loves him even more then you do.

So we are going to treat this and hope that it goes away for a while (this type of problem comes and goes) so if you could pray for us I would appreciate it. Pray for complete healing and if that is not God's will for us to be able to manage this and give Jaden that confidence he needs.

I know things could be so much worse and I could have found out he had cancer or he was going blind. I can't image some of the pain many of you have faced and although none of this seems fair I do know that nothing compares to the promise God made to us on that cross. This life is our temporary home.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring -please come

It has been so cold again lately. I am hoping it warms up real soon. Easter will be here soon but it is hard to think about it when it is 40 degrees outside and gray.
Love little blue eggs.
Found this wall hanging at Goodwill for $2.99 and it came with the shelf which I used somewhere else. I gave it a nice cream color paint and weathered it a bit. I love molding but don't have a lot in my house, unfortunately. So I add lots of shelves and details to add charm.
I added this above my cabinets. I hate decorating above cabinets. It is hard to find the right balance. I am really into white lately though. I love whites, tans and creams they are so bright. This weekend I bought bamboo shades for my living area and I love them. I will post pictures real soon.
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