Friday, March 4, 2011

Two friends, six kids and a new chair

My BFF Jackie and I decided to make a slipcover for my wing back chair. We read a few blogs where people used painters drop cloth for their slipcover fabric. The cost is great and it seems to work well for durability. I like the natural color too. In the last two years I have changed my style a bit and I think I finally have come up with the look that works best for our family. I have eclectic taste and I seem to like many different styles but I am really liking the coastal cottage look. Anyway...See I could talk about decorating all day (: Getting back to the project... Jackie is a much better sewer then me and she graciously helped me plan it all out and she did all the sewing.
So we cut the fabric up and pinned ever thing. Can I just say this is not a easy project at all. So many blogs make it looks so easy but this was actually challenging. With it being a wing back it made it even more complicated.
The piping took the longest but made the chair look much more finished at the end. I think it added a much more custom look. Jackie of course did the piping. I was mostly crowed control during this whole project! She has three kids and along with my three we had a full house. The project took probably about 2 1/2 weeks to finish since we had to get together a few different times and had to pick up kids, drop off kids and we did a lot of good talking in between. It actually was so much fun. We had lunch together and our kids played great. It was much needed girl time. It is amazing what moms can get done together and still have fun!!
Here are some of our kids. Her kids are so so precious.
The kids played "Billy The Exterminator" Those are all the critters they caught.
movie time
Here is the ottoman I decided yesterday to change. I still don't know if I like the plain color now. But I can take it off just as easy if I change my mind. I like to live with things a couple days till I know for sure.
Lots of pinning

Here is what the chair used to look like this was the only picture I could find from a few years ago. Not horrible and my style has really changed to be lighter and less country. I have gone to a more casual cottage classic look as I call it. It is funny how styles change and your tastes change.
Here it is! I added the monogram to it. It has adhesive so I don't think it is permanent but it should last a while until I buy a new chair in a couple years

I like it, it defiantly has a beachy Pottery Barn feel. I may get rid of the ottoman all together, I need some feedback. I added the feather down pillow from Marshall's for $20 so total was about $60 for all supplies. Not to bad for a whole new look.


  1. Your friend is incredibly talented. WOW. What a great job she did.

    The kids playing Billy the Exterminator might be the cutest thing ever Katie! I just love it!

  2. Katie! That is super impressive!! It looks amazing!! You girls did a great job!! How nice that you have a friend with such fabulous skills! I bet you all had a fun day!

    You and Jackie would be welcome to stop over sometime once I get my spring cleaning done!! LOL!!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  3. You're a brave woman to have light colors with kids! :) Love what you did with the chair and the ottoman.

    Stopped by because you entered my giveaway at Polly's blog, but realized we have something in common...I'm an adoptive mommy too!

    Good luck on the giveaway, and stop by Simply Klassic Home is you have a chance.


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