Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break Fun

Over spring break we went to go see my parents who live in Mechanicsburg, PA they moved there about a year ago but just bought a house. Thanks to the nice slow market they finally sold in New Mexico. I wanted to take pictures of their new home but it was so cold out I never got around to it. I love the setting of their neighborhood it is like a movie set street with big trees, I love it. It is so nice having them closer. They only live about 40 min from Gettysburg so one day we went there for the day. The boys really enjoyed seeing the battlefield. The only problem was it was cold, really cold 38 and sunny.
Nana and the boys
Here is where Lincoln made his famous Gettysburg Address
My dad is really good at history and knows all these details. This fence was at one time around the white house when Lincoln was president.
The cute hats my mom got the boys
Drew on Little Round Top shooting off a canon

Lauren took this picture, remember she is 3! She has the artistic lens tilt going and everything. To bad my eyes are about shut.

On top of Little Round Top

We climbed this really high tower that looks over the battlefield, it was so cold!!
Hard to believe the battle that took place here and how many men died.
Rob and Drew doing a puzzle
Lauren with her cupcake. Nana loved to give the kids sweets!!
My mom and I got to spend a girls day together. It was so fun! My parents have lived far away from us since I have been married due to my dads job. They have moved, and we have moved. We sure miss them. We live about 6 hrs away now. Still a drive but not to bad. My mom took me to get a pedicure and then took me to tea. Got to love mom! It was neat, you go to tea house where they bring you lunch with all these good tasty foods. We were able to talk and then we shopped and shopped. I like to shop but this woman is the queen of all shoppers!

My new hat, actually I got this for the beach but though it would be great for the tea.
tea room
Our table
We had a great week. Can't believe it almost over already. Rob took off the whole week so we have been able to have time together.

Thanks Mom for the great time!!


  1. Hey, girl!

    I wanted to let you know that I’m doing a month’s worth of giveaways on my adoption blog, White Sugar, Brown Sugar, starting April 1. All items are coming from Etsy sellers and include: A Princess and the Frog tutu, custom made dolls for boys and girls, hair clips for little girls, adoption jewelry for moms, and much more. I hope you will check it out and tell your friends. There will be four easy ways to enter each giveaway.

  2. I met your mother when I was a patient at the office where she works. She wanted me to "check out your blog and tell her what I think of it." I've enjoyed getting to know a bit more about your family from this--you remind me quite a bit of one of my cousins (who is also a Katie) in your enthusiasm for family, your children, and decorating! Very inspiring. I'm glad you had a good visit in Pennsylvania. We are also far from both our parents (9 hours from mine, and well, airplane from my husband's). I hope you can really enjoy the "short" 6 hours and make the most of it. When we were first married, we were 6 hours from each set of parents, and we got pretty good at making the trip home, quite frequently. The extra 3 hours (and a child) has slowed our travel time and frequency down significantly.

  3. Thanks for the note Gretta! Mom told me about you (: She is pretty great!

  4. Oh, I *LOOOVE* going to tea! That was one of my & Jackie's pre-children traditions. :-P LOVELY!


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