Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The perfect neighborhood

I would say this looks like a perfect neighborhood. The word perfect is so funny. Many people strive to look perfect and have the perfect image. From their looks, to parenting, marriage, house and more. I have met a lot of people in my life that seem so put together that it seemed like a movie. For a while I let my own insecurities get to me and wondered what was wrong with me since portraying that image seemed unattainable for me. It took me a while to see that peoples obviously perfect images were not so perfect after all. I have often wondered why people like to pretend so well. Sure their is nothing wrong with really trying to be a good mom, and wife that likes to dress cute and keep her home beautiful. Those are things I like to do but I certainly would never want for people to think I was perfect or that I had it all going on. I think to often people are afraid that others will judge them if they really knew who they were and their real story. I can understand that! Why would you want to put yourself out there only to get hurt when you share your heart. Understandable, but God wants to use you and by being this way it will be much harder.
This is something I don't really struggle with. For me this has been one of the things that God has used most in my life and that is being authentic. I am so sad to hear about people not attending church because of all the hypocrisy that takes place and judging. Are they right? Yes it does happen and what happens from this is even worse. You have people who are so afraid to share their struggles because they are fearful people will look down on them, gossip about them or make them feel like they are not good enough Christians. Which creates the mask that goes on and we have this thing called "Stained Glass Masquerade" (Casting Crowns, thank you) where everyone is playing church and meanwhile people are hurting and no one knows.
Out of this I think many churches are changing their image. Along with the changed economy people can't keep up with their fake lives anymore. There is no perfect church out there but my hope for many unbelievers and believers who may walk into a church is that they feel accepted for who they are. That they see people who love Jesus and love others. That He is real to them and not just some religious or legalistic mind game. That the mask is off.
God does not waste pain. Those painful times are not fun but they are for a purpose so that we can be molded into the person He created us to be. Each one of our lives will look different which I think is so cool of God. We all will be used in different ways with different personalities on purpose to fulfill His purposes.
2 Corinthians 12:9
“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.
God will use your biggest weakness for His Glory!!
We all will face struggles and life lessons and if you know someone who likes to play perfect or seems perfect I am sure they have a story. Sometimes the ones that do it the best have the biggest hurts.
I love to share my story with others and my weakness so that they know that only through Him am I the person that He has me to be. Isn't it so nice to have friends that laugh at your parenting mistakes, hug you after a bad day, cry with you? It is so refreshing to see a honorable mother say she is having a bad day, she is going crazy with the kids, or she is upset at her husband. And if your a christian this just makes you so much more humble and approachable to everyone that God will use you all the time in many ways. God loves us all equally no matter what we have done. There are people everywhere that want to fall in love with a Savior that knows them by name, but first they need to meet a Christian who cares enough to know their name and is willing to hold their hand and show them it is okay to be imperfect!


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  2. I love that we are all perfectly made by God with all of our flaws and imperfection.

    Real is beautiful.

  3. Awesome post Katie! I've been on both sides....in a crazy way trying to be perfect - only to fall flat on my face and comparing myself to those around me who I perceive as perfect and having it all together. A great reminder! But, I do love that 'perfect neighborhood picture"! :)

  4. Great post! It is so true that it brought tears to my eyes! You are a very talented person and I am sure you are not perfect, but you are certainly pointed in the right direction! Thank you for sharing
    your gifts with us!


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