Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A fun decorating quiz and some decorating mistakes

I will start with something pleasing before I get into the decorating mistakes. First I wanted to share my favorite decorating style quiz. I put it on here a while back but thought I would share again. A lot of those finding your decorating style quizzes ask about your clothes style, perfect date and favorite smells which mine are all over the place which makes it less accurate. Maybe I like this one because it actually shows you pictures and you vote by your visual choices.
Mine came out
75% Nantucket Style and 25% Rustic
I am not really sure what my style is. I think your home should be what you like and that could be a few combinations of things not just one style. I enjoy many different styles but usually gravitate towards the more laid back coastal style but I do love the french styles with chandeliers and that European flair but I think you can mix both.
I did think of a few things that I thought were decorating mistakes. I am no expert and have in fact fell into a few of these. Sometimes people ask me for advice so here is a little that may help you if your wanting to update your look or don't no where to start.
1. Fake Ivy and flowers. I admit I went through the fake floral and ivy look about 10 yrs ago. You know above the cabinets and in every corner and around every frame. Now in good taste you can do fake greens or arrangements that look realistic or have a natural elements just fine. Just stay clear of Bright green, and dusty ivy above every ledge.
2. knickknack's galore. There is nothing wrong with a few placed here and there. It is when you go crazy and collect everything and the room is over crowded with stuff. Same goes with furniture when there is to much stuff in one room and not much room to walk it looks very cluttered and messy.
3. Pictures placed to high or the wrong size. Pictures should be at eye level or a little higher so you don't have to look up. My husband is really tall so I never ask him where a picture looks good, I would have to break my neck if it were up to him. I am sure that in some cases this is not always true especially if you have a room with super high ceilings and you have to place it higher. Be careful on what size pictures you place above furniture. It needs to be substantial if you have a huge wall and it is in the center of the room. I think groupings are really neat. A group of pictures or framed artwork all going together. A lot more interesting then single bought picture.
4. No comment
5. Wires everywhere or electronics sitting everywhere. I still struggle with this one as we speak I have a little mess behind my printer. Just hide those wires and untangle that helps a ton. Oh and if your husband insists on surround sound with speakers hanging everywhere ask him nicely to move them in the basement or to think of a plan to hide them.
6. Theme rooms. I am not big on themes. Remember the fruit in the kitchen themes, grapes and wine, apples everywhere.. you name it. If it is not matchy matchy or too themy it probably is overkill.
7. To Show Room. One more thing I forgot to add a picture too is the Noak Ark Effect. I just found this term and I like it (: That is having two of everything in a room. Two matching lamps, Two framed pictures that match, two matching chairs, to much pairing. I do think matching lamps are awesome but when you match everything to perfect symmetries I think it looks boring like you bought it out of mail flyer.
Once again I am no expert but thought I would do a few fun posts on some of my ideas or thoughts on decorating. Hope this helps if your thinking of redoing a space or looking for a update.
I know I will be laughing at myself down the road in ten years from now with what I think is so awesome now (:


  1. I laughed out loud at the toilet rug. I never understood those things. Haha! I am so excited because I am not a decorator at all, but I totally agree with all your decorating no-no's and I'm happy to announce that I haven't done them. Yay! Morgan used to make fun of my mom and her fake tree she used to have in her house. Haha! So, no fake ivy or trees in my house. So funny!

  2. I came out Wine Country Style--LOVE that stuff! :)

  3. oh my gosh those pictures are hilarious!!! Yikes! I'm off to take the quiz... what fun! :)


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