Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break Fun

Over spring break we went to go see my parents who live in Mechanicsburg, PA they moved there about a year ago but just bought a house. Thanks to the nice slow market they finally sold in New Mexico. I wanted to take pictures of their new home but it was so cold out I never got around to it. I love the setting of their neighborhood it is like a movie set street with big trees, I love it. It is so nice having them closer. They only live about 40 min from Gettysburg so one day we went there for the day. The boys really enjoyed seeing the battlefield. The only problem was it was cold, really cold 38 and sunny.
Nana and the boys
Here is where Lincoln made his famous Gettysburg Address
My dad is really good at history and knows all these details. This fence was at one time around the white house when Lincoln was president.
The cute hats my mom got the boys
Drew on Little Round Top shooting off a canon

Lauren took this picture, remember she is 3! She has the artistic lens tilt going and everything. To bad my eyes are about shut.

On top of Little Round Top

We climbed this really high tower that looks over the battlefield, it was so cold!!
Hard to believe the battle that took place here and how many men died.
Rob and Drew doing a puzzle
Lauren with her cupcake. Nana loved to give the kids sweets!!
My mom and I got to spend a girls day together. It was so fun! My parents have lived far away from us since I have been married due to my dads job. They have moved, and we have moved. We sure miss them. We live about 6 hrs away now. Still a drive but not to bad. My mom took me to get a pedicure and then took me to tea. Got to love mom! It was neat, you go to tea house where they bring you lunch with all these good tasty foods. We were able to talk and then we shopped and shopped. I like to shop but this woman is the queen of all shoppers!

My new hat, actually I got this for the beach but though it would be great for the tea.
tea room
Our table
We had a great week. Can't believe it almost over already. Rob took off the whole week so we have been able to have time together.

Thanks Mom for the great time!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A fun decorating quiz and some decorating mistakes

I will start with something pleasing before I get into the decorating mistakes. First I wanted to share my favorite decorating style quiz. I put it on here a while back but thought I would share again. A lot of those finding your decorating style quizzes ask about your clothes style, perfect date and favorite smells which mine are all over the place which makes it less accurate. Maybe I like this one because it actually shows you pictures and you vote by your visual choices.
Mine came out
75% Nantucket Style and 25% Rustic
I am not really sure what my style is. I think your home should be what you like and that could be a few combinations of things not just one style. I enjoy many different styles but usually gravitate towards the more laid back coastal style but I do love the french styles with chandeliers and that European flair but I think you can mix both.
I did think of a few things that I thought were decorating mistakes. I am no expert and have in fact fell into a few of these. Sometimes people ask me for advice so here is a little that may help you if your wanting to update your look or don't no where to start.
1. Fake Ivy and flowers. I admit I went through the fake floral and ivy look about 10 yrs ago. You know above the cabinets and in every corner and around every frame. Now in good taste you can do fake greens or arrangements that look realistic or have a natural elements just fine. Just stay clear of Bright green, and dusty ivy above every ledge.
2. knickknack's galore. There is nothing wrong with a few placed here and there. It is when you go crazy and collect everything and the room is over crowded with stuff. Same goes with furniture when there is to much stuff in one room and not much room to walk it looks very cluttered and messy.
3. Pictures placed to high or the wrong size. Pictures should be at eye level or a little higher so you don't have to look up. My husband is really tall so I never ask him where a picture looks good, I would have to break my neck if it were up to him. I am sure that in some cases this is not always true especially if you have a room with super high ceilings and you have to place it higher. Be careful on what size pictures you place above furniture. It needs to be substantial if you have a huge wall and it is in the center of the room. I think groupings are really neat. A group of pictures or framed artwork all going together. A lot more interesting then single bought picture.
4. No comment
5. Wires everywhere or electronics sitting everywhere. I still struggle with this one as we speak I have a little mess behind my printer. Just hide those wires and untangle that helps a ton. Oh and if your husband insists on surround sound with speakers hanging everywhere ask him nicely to move them in the basement or to think of a plan to hide them.
6. Theme rooms. I am not big on themes. Remember the fruit in the kitchen themes, grapes and wine, apples everywhere.. you name it. If it is not matchy matchy or too themy it probably is overkill.
7. To Show Room. One more thing I forgot to add a picture too is the Noak Ark Effect. I just found this term and I like it (: That is having two of everything in a room. Two matching lamps, Two framed pictures that match, two matching chairs, to much pairing. I do think matching lamps are awesome but when you match everything to perfect symmetries I think it looks boring like you bought it out of mail flyer.
Once again I am no expert but thought I would do a few fun posts on some of my ideas or thoughts on decorating. Hope this helps if your thinking of redoing a space or looking for a update.
I know I will be laughing at myself down the road in ten years from now with what I think is so awesome now (:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

You Again

Just rented this tonight, it was so cute. It will be sure to make you laugh. It has a great cast and is a clean funny movie. Really cute!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Decorating With Shells

I think shells are probably one of my favorite decorating accessory. I have them all over my house and love them. I love the beach and they bring such a relaxing element to any room. I really like using natural products throughout my house. The kids really like them too and many of them are from our family vacations which is so nice to incorporate into our home. TJ Maxx has a great selection of shells right now and of course my favorite store below has the best shells. They are not cheap go figure but they have beautiful shells you can buy by the bag.

Most of these pictures are from Pottery Barn. They know how to do it. Love this lamp, it is awesome. I am really into the coastal cottage decor lately, I just love how fresh and happy it makes me. Stay tuned for a decorating style quiz and pictures to come.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The perfect neighborhood

I would say this looks like a perfect neighborhood. The word perfect is so funny. Many people strive to look perfect and have the perfect image. From their looks, to parenting, marriage, house and more. I have met a lot of people in my life that seem so put together that it seemed like a movie. For a while I let my own insecurities get to me and wondered what was wrong with me since portraying that image seemed unattainable for me. It took me a while to see that peoples obviously perfect images were not so perfect after all. I have often wondered why people like to pretend so well. Sure their is nothing wrong with really trying to be a good mom, and wife that likes to dress cute and keep her home beautiful. Those are things I like to do but I certainly would never want for people to think I was perfect or that I had it all going on. I think to often people are afraid that others will judge them if they really knew who they were and their real story. I can understand that! Why would you want to put yourself out there only to get hurt when you share your heart. Understandable, but God wants to use you and by being this way it will be much harder.
This is something I don't really struggle with. For me this has been one of the things that God has used most in my life and that is being authentic. I am so sad to hear about people not attending church because of all the hypocrisy that takes place and judging. Are they right? Yes it does happen and what happens from this is even worse. You have people who are so afraid to share their struggles because they are fearful people will look down on them, gossip about them or make them feel like they are not good enough Christians. Which creates the mask that goes on and we have this thing called "Stained Glass Masquerade" (Casting Crowns, thank you) where everyone is playing church and meanwhile people are hurting and no one knows.
Out of this I think many churches are changing their image. Along with the changed economy people can't keep up with their fake lives anymore. There is no perfect church out there but my hope for many unbelievers and believers who may walk into a church is that they feel accepted for who they are. That they see people who love Jesus and love others. That He is real to them and not just some religious or legalistic mind game. That the mask is off.
God does not waste pain. Those painful times are not fun but they are for a purpose so that we can be molded into the person He created us to be. Each one of our lives will look different which I think is so cool of God. We all will be used in different ways with different personalities on purpose to fulfill His purposes.
2 Corinthians 12:9
“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.
God will use your biggest weakness for His Glory!!
We all will face struggles and life lessons and if you know someone who likes to play perfect or seems perfect I am sure they have a story. Sometimes the ones that do it the best have the biggest hurts.
I love to share my story with others and my weakness so that they know that only through Him am I the person that He has me to be. Isn't it so nice to have friends that laugh at your parenting mistakes, hug you after a bad day, cry with you? It is so refreshing to see a honorable mother say she is having a bad day, she is going crazy with the kids, or she is upset at her husband. And if your a christian this just makes you so much more humble and approachable to everyone that God will use you all the time in many ways. God loves us all equally no matter what we have done. There are people everywhere that want to fall in love with a Savior that knows them by name, but first they need to meet a Christian who cares enough to know their name and is willing to hold their hand and show them it is okay to be imperfect!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pillowcase dress easy and fun!

I thought I would make Lauren a few dresses since I bought material a couple years ago and never got to it. I don't know how much longer she is going to let me dress her. She already has a lot of favorite outfits that she wants to wear more then others and that includes those owl pajamas that she has on. She wants to wear those everywhere.
I like to sew but it can be a little frustrating at times when your machine acts up. When I made the first dress I kept getting those balls of thread like a nest and figured out after a hour of frustration that the tension was not right. I'm laughing now(: The next dress only took me about 15 min to make. Now don't look to close, I do love the saying it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. A lot of my stuff is not perfect. most of it is put together fast, glue gunned, spray painted. With having three children I threw perfection out the door a long time ago.
Here is how I make my dresses, and believe me this may not be right at all but it works and is easy.
1. Pick up a yard of fabric.
Depending on the size of your child you will cut the length and width to make a inside pillow case. Lauren is really tall and big for her age she wears about a 5 so I cut the width to about 32" wide and the length at 24" long. You can hold the fabric up to their body or look online for measurements.
2. You simply sew a straight line up the side that is open
3. Next I found a arm hole pattern off the Internet for free. I wish I had the link still. Or you may just have a good eye and be able to make one yourself. Lay that down about 2" from the top and cut the arms out.
4. I know you can use basting tape in the arms but it seemed like more work. So I just rolled my fabric over 1-2 times and sewed with the curve of the arm.
5. Then you place your ribbon at the top you will need about 22" for each side (also use Fray Check on the ends of the ribbon). Place the ribbon flat and make a little pocket for it at the top. (make sure you don't sew the ribbon down,you need it move so you can gather at the neck) Repeat on the other side.
below is a picture of how it will look.

6. Put it on a cute little girl. I added a ribbon at the bottom since I had leftover. I gave directions for the dress, this one in the picture I didn't have enough fabric so I made her a shirt.
I love these because you can dress them up or down, they are original looking, cheap to make, and you can wear them in the winter or summer.
Lauren really liked this one because it had cupcakes on it.
Dress with tights, cute!
You can also use a real pillowcase, I have seen online vintage dresses made this way that were beautiful white with antique lace at the bottom. Having a girl is fun!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pottery Barn inspired wreath

Hello!! I need to take another picture when the sun is not shinning so bright. I am not complaining about sun around here. I saw this in my most recent Pottery Barn catalog and liked it, I think it was $54 I went down stairs and found an old grapevine wreath and some odds and ends of green and recently I picked up some eggs and nests at Target (down the Smith and Hawkin) isle, love that isle!! I came up with this, and I like it!! I made mine a little bigger since I like my wreaths to stand out from the road. Total was $5 for the nests I bought but you could do the same from scratch with some moss and greens for $10, a $4 grapevine wreath and some nests $20 total?

Looking forward to spring!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Two friends, six kids and a new chair

My BFF Jackie and I decided to make a slipcover for my wing back chair. We read a few blogs where people used painters drop cloth for their slipcover fabric. The cost is great and it seems to work well for durability. I like the natural color too. In the last two years I have changed my style a bit and I think I finally have come up with the look that works best for our family. I have eclectic taste and I seem to like many different styles but I am really liking the coastal cottage look. Anyway...See I could talk about decorating all day (: Getting back to the project... Jackie is a much better sewer then me and she graciously helped me plan it all out and she did all the sewing.
So we cut the fabric up and pinned ever thing. Can I just say this is not a easy project at all. So many blogs make it looks so easy but this was actually challenging. With it being a wing back it made it even more complicated.
The piping took the longest but made the chair look much more finished at the end. I think it added a much more custom look. Jackie of course did the piping. I was mostly crowed control during this whole project! She has three kids and along with my three we had a full house. The project took probably about 2 1/2 weeks to finish since we had to get together a few different times and had to pick up kids, drop off kids and we did a lot of good talking in between. It actually was so much fun. We had lunch together and our kids played great. It was much needed girl time. It is amazing what moms can get done together and still have fun!!
Here are some of our kids. Her kids are so so precious.
The kids played "Billy The Exterminator" Those are all the critters they caught.
movie time
Here is the ottoman I decided yesterday to change. I still don't know if I like the plain color now. But I can take it off just as easy if I change my mind. I like to live with things a couple days till I know for sure.
Lots of pinning

Here is what the chair used to look like this was the only picture I could find from a few years ago. Not horrible and my style has really changed to be lighter and less country. I have gone to a more casual cottage classic look as I call it. It is funny how styles change and your tastes change.
Here it is! I added the monogram to it. It has adhesive so I don't think it is permanent but it should last a while until I buy a new chair in a couple years

I like it, it defiantly has a beachy Pottery Barn feel. I may get rid of the ottoman all together, I need some feedback. I added the feather down pillow from Marshall's for $20 so total was about $60 for all supplies. Not to bad for a whole new look.
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