Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This seems fitting right now

I love the beach!! Serious LOVE here!! This snow is so depressing and every year it seem to get colder. The kids have been off for the last two days for ice. We are all getting cabin fever, I am loosing sanity. Can I get a Amen!! We are planning to go to North Myrtle Beach right when school lets out. We can not wait!! If you have never been to this area it is so nice. I would recommend staying in the North part which is for families. I can not wait to build sandcastles and look for seashells!! In my dream world I would have a house at the beach. My Something's Got To Give House, ha ha. Remember I said dream house.
We love to catch these crabs. They come out when you sit very still and at night they are everywhere.
This is Broadway At The Beach, it is like a mini Downtown Disney. Lots of neat shops, some rides for the kids. Very fun atmosphere.

This will be outside our door. I am ready to take some picture, whoever took these did a great job!!
Only 4 more months!! The torture....


  1. Thanks for the beach idea--I have been wanting to take the fam to the beach, but didn't know where to go! Love it!

  2. Maybe we can meet you there! My parents own a place at Garden City. It is up for sale, but if it isn't sold by then we could make a trip down. We love it!

  3. It just started getting cold here yesterday and I'm already tired of it!

  4. I grew up going to N. Myrtle Beach every year! I love it there!! Can't wait for warmer weather! And Amen on cabin fever :)

  5. : ) I love these pictures. Just beautiful! We had off because of ice for 2 days also. Kaish loved it...until I reminded him he has to make up the days in the summer. He didn't love that at all!

  6. Oh, this made me excited. We are going to the east coast for our first time {well first time for the boys and me} with my in-laws this summer. I guess I was a little sad that it wasn't FL....but, this made me actually look forward to it in a big way! I'll have to get details from you closer to summer on where we should go and such. Here's to vacation!!! yay!

  7. Totally dreaming of the beach now! Ugh-I wanna go!


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