Monday, February 14, 2011

Ready for spring...

I think we are out of indoor ideas. Feb is half way over so by next month we should have a few warm days. We are all sick of being inside. Poor Jaden has developed a horrible eczema problem over the winter months due to all of this dry weather. I have an appointment with a dermatologist to hopefully find out what is going on but can't go to April.
We need some sunshine and warm weather!!
I would love some suggestion or ideas for some fun things to do with the kids. We paint, watch tv, play games, Wii, color, read...
Lauren loves to paint and draw smiley faces. It is her trademark.
Jaden loves to learn about Science! He has been so into these knowledge books for years. It looks like a scientist lives in his room with all his books. He loves space, anatomy, and engineering..He is my analytical child. I can't wait to find out what this kid is going to be someday.
This game has been lots of fun this winter. I really love it and it is great exercise for the whole family. My husband is the champ. He is so good. The man has rhythm. I always tell him that he should have been a male cheerleader, lol..All in good fun. He gets the moves and rhythm in a matter of 10 seconds I swear. We also have the kids version which has lots of fun songs.
evidence! I was going to get my phone out and record him but he was really embarrassed and said seriously, no!!
The boys having fun, they both love it too.
Not much going on here today. Today is Valentines Day. The kids got candy and a few books. Lauren got a Ariel Barbie but insisted that she wanted Ursula more..So I am off to look on ebay for a Ursula figurine.
Happy Valentines Day, hope it is a sweet one!


  1. love that picture of your husband dancing. looks like he's having fun with it. maybe we should get the game for our house. the kids are still too young, but might enjoy it. :)

  2. Don't you just want to jump in the car and head to the beach? We have a bad case of "beachitis" here. It's all we can talk about.

    One thing I did with my kids when they were younger was make a sand box full of dyed rice. I just bought a good sized rubber maid. Take large ziplocs and fill with rice, drop a few drops of food coloring and a few drops of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol holds the color. You have to squeeze the bag to make the color spread evenly. Then pour out onto a cookie sheet to dry over night. I made seprate buckets. Blue bucket, green bucket, pink bucket, etc... Then I would sit them down on a beach towel with their bucket and some sand toys. When they are finished stand them up and dust them off over the towel. Then you can either shake the towel off outside or back into the bucket. My boys loved this. They would spend hours. Riley liked to drive his trucks in the rice and make tracks. You can close the lid and save again for later, but use only a drop or two of alcohol if you do this. The scent will knock you down when you reopen. I would always open them and sit them on the screened porch to air for about an hour before we played. (Note: we did not play with this on carpet! Only tiled floors.)

    Hope this helps!

  3. fun! oh and if Jaden likes Science, then Answers in Genesis has GREAT science stuff! we love it. There is an awesome book too, (it's not put out by Answers in Genesis) called Dry Bones (I forgot the Authors name). Its a really good read for His age :)

  4. Hey Katie! Here is the website ...
    go there and then click on the top tab that says "Kids Answers" or go to the "Education" tab below that. They have GREAT stuff. Also you can find that other book on amazon. Just look for "Dry Bones and Other Fossils by Gary E. Parker and Jonathan Choug"

    Also if you copy and paste this link

    it will take you to some great Science books. They are for real science lovers! They may be too old for Jayden, but I'm not totally sure.


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