Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Having Dreams

I love this road, and in my dream world I would live on this road!!
This looks like a nice dream house!!
This would do for my "Dream" kitchen
Or this!!
Oh my word!!

These are all so beautiful! It is fun to dream and have aspirations. I just want to make sure that I am thankful for what I do have no matter what. In the last few weeks I have been so happy to live in the house that God has blessed us with in the town that God has planted us at. To often if we dream about the future or what we don't have we don't enjoy the many blessings we do have. I am preaching to myself!! So easy to get in these sort of selfish ruts..I have been refreshed in our purpose here lately and it is so calming to be exactly where God wants us. Until He changes that I am going to bloom where I am planted. I have so much to be greatful for! So in saying all of this I am going to enjoy looking at all of these beautiful white kitchens on tree lined streets even if I never have them.


  1. I think I have actually driven down that street a million times. I have big dreams too!

    Did Lauren have cradle cap? If so, what did you do for it?

  2. I love that saying, Bloom where you are planted. I think that is exactly what God wants us to do.....He places us right where we can bring Him the most glory. Love those dream kitchens though!


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