Sunday, February 6, 2011

A great weekend

Upward is such a great program. Many of you have probably heard of it and if you haven't it is a christian sports program for kids that emphasizes good sportsmanship, good character and a Christ like attitude. It is a great outreach to the community and many people will come to church after being part of Upward. Our boys call it Jesus basketball and they both love it!! Our church does a great job with Upward, we have several games played at once and the church is very busy. During halftimes people share their testimonies about how God is working in their lives. I am so not a public speaker and I truly do have anxiety so this defiantly would put me in a anxious state but last week I shared six times!! Yes, six times. I had to go room to room every 15 min. They needed help and I couldn't help but not share Drew's miracle story. It wasn't to bad after the first time and Rob and the kids were there so it wasn't so bad. I wanted to share how faithful God was to us during Drew's surgery he had to have when he was a baby. It was special because at the end of my little talk I had Drew run out and say hi to everyone. I am so proud of Drew and the miracle he is.
Speaking of Proud. Drew has been talking about believing in Jesus for a long time now and yesterday he told Rob and I that he wanted to accepted Christ. That he believed that Jesus died on the cross for his sins and that he loved Jesus so much. He went into great detail it was precious. Nothing can make us more proud. Two down one to go!! Only thing we can take to heaven with us is our children.
Lauren thinks she is a cheerleader. She is not super girly but loves cheer leading. The little Upward cheerleaders invited her to stand next to them and do cheers, she loved it!!
She also loves all the junk food that she gets on Saturdays. After each game she gets a extra team snack, and she always talks us into popcorn. Then a bit later she wants a ringpop...Got to love her perseverance when she wants something.
Drew had a great game this sat. He stole the ball and ran and made a basket. I was so proud of him. He is a little aggressive and understands the game.
Jaden likes it too. He is a great defensive player, he is all over his guy. He got a foul shot and made it!!

Miss Lauren took this of DrewB and me.
Lauren doing her cheers

Lauren with my friend Sherri. Everyone loves Lauren!!
It is precious seeing little brothers and sisters trying to be big kids. Today she went to her first birthday party and she seemed so grown up. I did have to remind her that she was not going to get a gift when the birthday girl was opening everything. She was a bit sad but said okay when they pulled out the cake!!
I love my kids!!!
I still have tough days but life is getting a little easier. This morning both boys were up, ready and dressed all by themselves before church!
It was such a nice weekend even though it is still cold and the winter blahs are blaaaa!! I am thankful for so much!!


  1. That's awesome about you sharing your testimony! So proud of you!! :)

    And also awesome about Drew accepting Christ. Such a wonderful weekend, it sounds like!!

  2. It is ridiculous how much you and I have in common. My boys have both played Upward. Jordan "aged out" last year after 6 years of playing. This is Riley's 5th year. We love that program!

  3. amen! We love Upward, both our boys are playing this year. Great pictures, and I love the dream house kitchen ones too


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