Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Good Stuff

I have great joy in being a mother and parent. I pray for my kids each day and pray hard for many of the choices and ways they may go. I pray for hope in a dying world and for them to to take the road less traveled at times. For them to stand up for the weak and to hold their head high. I pray for them to be strong in their faith and not take life for granted. To be people of good character and not get caught up in world. To follow dreams and have open hearts and Mercy for others. To have passion and live with Christ like attitudes even when it is not easy to do. The prayers never end..
It all seems so hard some days and I wonder if my parenting is sinking in at times. We get two steps ahead and then take two steps back. I have such dreams for these kids and I know God will be with them even in those times that they don't follow the right path. I hope I can be the parent I need to be during these time. It is so exciting to see them growing up. They make me so proud. No matter what they do in life. I hope they always know how much I love them. If I succeed in that then I have done my job.

Moms, we have great impact in our kids lives. Let's keep helping each other with encouragement and support. Keep loving each others kids and helping each other to be the best moms we can be!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

bamboo blinds and blogging fun

I really like this look. It has a simple yet elegant look with curtains. I always liked plantation shutters but I am at the point now that it would be foolish to spend the money on those in a house that we probably won't be at for a long time. They are so pretty though. These are far less and might look really good in my living room.
Found this picture on the Internet with the look I want to go for,love this.
Blog reading is so much fun! It is like pulling out my favorite book or magazine everyday. I love to look around at them and get so many ideas. I feel encouraged reading about mothering, parenting, loving God, friendship, home, decorating etc...
I can't believe the number of blogs out there now. Every time I look around I find another one that I like that goes into my favorites. So thank you all for blogging It is one of my favorite relaxing activities to do during nap time. Thanks for stopping by my blog today (:
Feel free to leave a comment so I can visit your blog too!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diorama Project

Second grade has been a great year for Jaden so far. He really likes his teacher who is tough but also fun. This year his reading has really taken off and I am so proud of him. His latest project was to make a diorama of the grasslands. Each student was assigned a different habitat. I helped him think of some ideas but he did the whole things himself. I am glad his teacher made the kids do it not the parents. I wanted to help him but I think it taught him to have a lot more pride in his work but completing it by himself.

The next project is a scrapbook on Ben Franklin. Let the projects begin.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I love white dishes

I love white dishes. I love that they can be dressed up or down and can be incorporated with any season. I have been looking for some new ones and I came across these at Meijer. Lately Meijer has had some really cute things. Thanks to Target I think many other big stores are trying to carry unique home decor items. I saw this box of dishes that was huge the other day and passed it up it was on clearance from $70 to $35. The box was so big I didn't have time to find someone. Today I went back hoping they were still there and they were. I mustered up enough strength to lift the box into my cart, let's just say it was really heavy I about dropped it. When I went to check out guess how much I got all these dished for?
$17.50 I think there are 65 pieces plus a big serving bowl, big tray and a cream and sugar container. It seems well made too and is oven, dish and microwave safe.
I love good deals.

Now I have enough for more dishes on the wall. I love that look. I have to be careful though I tend to overdo something I really like. I think I have plates hanging in everyroom.
You never know when you will need a plate in the bathroom,lol.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ready for spring...

I think we are out of indoor ideas. Feb is half way over so by next month we should have a few warm days. We are all sick of being inside. Poor Jaden has developed a horrible eczema problem over the winter months due to all of this dry weather. I have an appointment with a dermatologist to hopefully find out what is going on but can't go to April.
We need some sunshine and warm weather!!
I would love some suggestion or ideas for some fun things to do with the kids. We paint, watch tv, play games, Wii, color, read...
Lauren loves to paint and draw smiley faces. It is her trademark.
Jaden loves to learn about Science! He has been so into these knowledge books for years. It looks like a scientist lives in his room with all his books. He loves space, anatomy, and engineering..He is my analytical child. I can't wait to find out what this kid is going to be someday.
This game has been lots of fun this winter. I really love it and it is great exercise for the whole family. My husband is the champ. He is so good. The man has rhythm. I always tell him that he should have been a male cheerleader, lol..All in good fun. He gets the moves and rhythm in a matter of 10 seconds I swear. We also have the kids version which has lots of fun songs.
evidence! I was going to get my phone out and record him but he was really embarrassed and said seriously, no!!
The boys having fun, they both love it too.
Not much going on here today. Today is Valentines Day. The kids got candy and a few books. Lauren got a Ariel Barbie but insisted that she wanted Ursula more..So I am off to look on ebay for a Ursula figurine.
Happy Valentines Day, hope it is a sweet one!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Having Dreams

I love this road, and in my dream world I would live on this road!!
This looks like a nice dream house!!
This would do for my "Dream" kitchen
Or this!!
Oh my word!!

These are all so beautiful! It is fun to dream and have aspirations. I just want to make sure that I am thankful for what I do have no matter what. In the last few weeks I have been so happy to live in the house that God has blessed us with in the town that God has planted us at. To often if we dream about the future or what we don't have we don't enjoy the many blessings we do have. I am preaching to myself!! So easy to get in these sort of selfish ruts..I have been refreshed in our purpose here lately and it is so calming to be exactly where God wants us. Until He changes that I am going to bloom where I am planted. I have so much to be greatful for! So in saying all of this I am going to enjoy looking at all of these beautiful white kitchens on tree lined streets even if I never have them.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A great weekend

Upward is such a great program. Many of you have probably heard of it and if you haven't it is a christian sports program for kids that emphasizes good sportsmanship, good character and a Christ like attitude. It is a great outreach to the community and many people will come to church after being part of Upward. Our boys call it Jesus basketball and they both love it!! Our church does a great job with Upward, we have several games played at once and the church is very busy. During halftimes people share their testimonies about how God is working in their lives. I am so not a public speaker and I truly do have anxiety so this defiantly would put me in a anxious state but last week I shared six times!! Yes, six times. I had to go room to room every 15 min. They needed help and I couldn't help but not share Drew's miracle story. It wasn't to bad after the first time and Rob and the kids were there so it wasn't so bad. I wanted to share how faithful God was to us during Drew's surgery he had to have when he was a baby. It was special because at the end of my little talk I had Drew run out and say hi to everyone. I am so proud of Drew and the miracle he is.
Speaking of Proud. Drew has been talking about believing in Jesus for a long time now and yesterday he told Rob and I that he wanted to accepted Christ. That he believed that Jesus died on the cross for his sins and that he loved Jesus so much. He went into great detail it was precious. Nothing can make us more proud. Two down one to go!! Only thing we can take to heaven with us is our children.
Lauren thinks she is a cheerleader. She is not super girly but loves cheer leading. The little Upward cheerleaders invited her to stand next to them and do cheers, she loved it!!
She also loves all the junk food that she gets on Saturdays. After each game she gets a extra team snack, and she always talks us into popcorn. Then a bit later she wants a ringpop...Got to love her perseverance when she wants something.
Drew had a great game this sat. He stole the ball and ran and made a basket. I was so proud of him. He is a little aggressive and understands the game.
Jaden likes it too. He is a great defensive player, he is all over his guy. He got a foul shot and made it!!

Miss Lauren took this of DrewB and me.
Lauren doing her cheers

Lauren with my friend Sherri. Everyone loves Lauren!!
It is precious seeing little brothers and sisters trying to be big kids. Today she went to her first birthday party and she seemed so grown up. I did have to remind her that she was not going to get a gift when the birthday girl was opening everything. She was a bit sad but said okay when they pulled out the cake!!
I love my kids!!!
I still have tough days but life is getting a little easier. This morning both boys were up, ready and dressed all by themselves before church!
It was such a nice weekend even though it is still cold and the winter blahs are blaaaa!! I am thankful for so much!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This seems fitting right now

I love the beach!! Serious LOVE here!! This snow is so depressing and every year it seem to get colder. The kids have been off for the last two days for ice. We are all getting cabin fever, I am loosing sanity. Can I get a Amen!! We are planning to go to North Myrtle Beach right when school lets out. We can not wait!! If you have never been to this area it is so nice. I would recommend staying in the North part which is for families. I can not wait to build sandcastles and look for seashells!! In my dream world I would have a house at the beach. My Something's Got To Give House, ha ha. Remember I said dream house.
We love to catch these crabs. They come out when you sit very still and at night they are everywhere.
This is Broadway At The Beach, it is like a mini Downtown Disney. Lots of neat shops, some rides for the kids. Very fun atmosphere.

This will be outside our door. I am ready to take some picture, whoever took these did a great job!!
Only 4 more months!! The torture....

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