Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Jam Concert

Every Year Winter Jam comes to our area. If you have never gone, I highly recommend it!!
The tickets are only $10 at the door and the concerts are awesome. We have see Toby Mac, Mercy Me, and many more. The boys really love it. Lauren got to have a lot of fun with Nana and Grandpa who came and watched her. We went with some of our good friends and we all had a blast. This year the place was packed. It was down at Ohio State where the basketball team plays. The stadium was sold out. Apparently this concert was the second biggest ever behind the Eagles so far. It was pretty awesome to have so many people in one building praising the Lord. There is something for everyone at the concert. We had to park about a mile away but we did get a seat and not a bad one. We had to sit a little apart but we were down close so we didn't mind. The place was filled to the top, a little less then 18,000 people. Tony Nolan was the pastor who lead the night and what a amazing testimony he has. Wow!
Jaden and I at Johnny Rockets
All of these guys are the real deal. Completely humble and so kind. Every group was standing around signing CD and taking pictures. Chris Sligh with the boys!
I love David Crowder
Love the afro. They are just so nice!! Unique and such awesome praise songs.

Newsboys!! They were great! The drummer was the coolest. I can see Drew being a drummer. The Mohawk and cool funny personality.
I didn't realize that their new singer was the guy from D.C talk. He did a great job.

Everyone loved the drummer!!
They were suspended on cranes across the audience.
This was pretty neat.

I took this to show you the crazy amount of people there! This isn't showing the top and this thing goes all the way around the stage.
At the end they played Jesus Freak and the drummer went sideways and spun around playing, it was crazy!!

What a great night, it is worth the drive if you live a couple hours away. Make sure you get there early!! I just love what these artists do and they different ways they glorify God through music.


  1. Looks like a great time. I LOVE Michael Tail from DC Talk...that man can dance!

  2. Wow, that would be so fun to go to! The boys are so stinkin' cute and getting so big! David Crowder is one of my favorites too!

  3. Your boys are so adorable! That is crazy about that drummer! How fun! I love David Crowder too! And how fun to get a pic with Chris Sligh...I remember when he was on Idol. Don't you just love how many Idols are Christian singers now?!! I love it!!!

  4. Looks like fun! Great for the kids, and you guys too!

    Katie, somehow I wasn't following your blog anymore? Not sure what happened, but I fixed it. Also, I lost my blog list when my blog got updated, so I'll make sure you're back on there too!

    Hope you are all doing well!



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