Monday, January 10, 2011

The upside of winter

Winter can be really long here. December is not normally that bad but Jan, Feb, and March are cold. Ohio has great weather and beautiful falls the other 9mo. Snow is pretty but at this point I am ready for it to go away. We enjoyed some fun sledding a couple weeks ago. We are supposed to get more snow tonight so a snow day would be fun.

A snow ball fight that turns into a normal tackling match around here.
Watching kids in snow suits is so funny, they can barley move. Jaden jumping on Drew, lovely. Moms of boys this is not out of the norm. I picked up Lauren yesterday at church and she was wrestling two boys (: It is obvious she has great teachers.
Our sweet neighbor and Drew
Drew with his game face on.
Now my sweet Drew face.

On the side of our house we have a perfect little sledding hill. Some of the neighbors use it and our kids love having it right there in our back yard. Even Rob and I go down. If your having a bad day a ride down a sledding hill will make you smile.
Sometimes the kids get going down the hill so fast they take out another on the way down. Here is a example of that.


  1. How fun!!! I bet that would make you have a smile on your face after a long day :) Love it! Of course, this snow stuff is all totally a foreign concept to us in SE Texas! Ha!

  2. Hey! Totally off topic, but you've got to check out this house in my area that just went up for sale. I think you'd love it. Imagine it with black shutters adn a red front door...


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