Thursday, January 27, 2011

Radical Book

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I have read several reviews on blogs lately about the book Radical by David Platt. Honestly this was one of the most challenging books I have ever read. It is somewhere between Ouch and Amen if that makes sense. I think this book is defiantly needed. At some point all Christians should read it. I am not sure if it is for a brand new believer or perhaps it is. That is where the book will lead you, deep in thought. As Christians in American we have gotten way to comfortable. This along with our consumer entitled attitude has caused problems. Since we are all humans we struggle with all of this. I think a lot of his points were to make you realize that many of us focus on ourselves way to much and we are idolaters. This is a heart issue and makes you re-exam your motives and what you are willing to to for the Lord. I have also listened to his sermons and this man is nothing but biblical. There is no watered downed Gospel, or feel good message about ourselves but the prize of heaven. Some of the things he says will bring you to your knees and yes some of it is VERY convicting. I think often times people think that conviction means judgement but it doesn't. Conviction is you realizing that you are wrong and sinful. It actually brings you closer to the Lord and your realize you are nothing without Him.
The biggest message expressed in the book is the Great Commission. Teaching and leading others to The Lord. This man has a heart for missions and has traveled the world and has seen what many of us will never see.
The only negatives about the the book in my opinion is that people will feel like they are not good enough for God or what they do merits more who they are. Some of the statements are a little to broad. Not everyone in America struggles with some of what He says. Some of us are doing what is asked not perfectly but our heart is in the right place. We all need a heart check more then we would like to admit though. I don't think this was the message he was trying to push but at times it may appear that way. We will never be good enough for God and we don't earn our salvation through good works it is by faith. He explains that throughout the book. It is evident his passion and calling has been foreign missions. He makes some pretty radical statements about moving to Africa and selling everything etc..If God is making this clear to you. In my heart I believe that at times God is calling you but at other times He has you right where He wants you. Your mission at this time may be different then someone elses. I don't think it means "Well, I don't feel called to do anything." Or maybe you are, and you doubt yourself so you don't pursue what God is laying on your heart. I think we all have done this! This is a heart issue and only God knows your heart and what you are truly doing for Him and Him alone.
I appreciate David Platts heart. He is amazing. Not all of us are going to be just like him though and that is okay. Stay at home moms can make just as huge as a impact in there community to unbelievers. After reading this I feel even more challenged. I do know that it all takes time and each day God changes us to be more like Him. Our pastor last week used an example that you are in Gods waiting room. He is preparing you for what He wants you to do and it might be a short wait or a long wait. I thank God for His Mercy and Grace since we will never get it all right. He is there to guide us and lift us when we fail. I think David Platt succeeded and got us all thinking! Good read!


  1. i loved this book! very convicting and very thought provoking!

  2. I agree 100% with your review! I loved the book too.....I love books that challenge me to stop being so comfortable. I do have a tendency to feel guilty, like I'm not doing anything worthwhile, but I agree with you that David Platt's heart is in the right place and just like Francis Chan, I think they really just want us to be answering God when He calls us.

  3. I keep seeing that book and am curious about it. That's next on my list after "1000 Gifts." Great review!

  4. I've been so curious about this book, too. I guess I'll have to pick it up now!

  5. I will put it on my list of books to read for sure.
    Ouch and Amen! Can't go wrong with that.


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