Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ohio State vs. Arkansas

Hoping the Buckeyes win tonight. Sad they have to play one of our other favorite teams the Razorbacks. We lived in AR for a couple years and Lauren was born in Little Rock. She is our little Razorback. Although she loves the Buckeyes she will grow up liking AR too I am sure. We met some really nice people while living in AR. It is no fun cheering against your friends who love the Hogs. Living in AR was a little different at first but we ended up really liking the small town we lived in. People remain close and care for each other and their kids. People in Ohio are great people too it is just such a huge population here. We live in a bigger city now so it is busy but not to bad. It could be NY city which is much to fast for us.
I am sad about the Buckeyes recent news. It is a shame that a few players made the team look bad. I can't believe they sold some of their prized awards. I do feel bad about them coming from poor families but I doubt that is all the money was used for. In Columbus those guys could get a job anywhere. Buckeye fans are a little crazy around here and they would have a job without looking when they graduated. I hope they learned their lesson. We all make mistakes and hope they can only mature from here on out. Our hearts are with the Buckeyes I hope they make us proud!!
One of Lauren's favorite outfits!


  1. how cute!!! I love her outfit!

  2. I didn't know you guys lived in AR and that Lauren was born there. So cool! I was also born there. We are rooting for the HOGS to win :)


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