Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life is good

The boys wanted the game of Life for Christmas. We really like playing games so I had no problem getting this one. I love spending time as a family. Nothing is better to me then staying home on sat night playing games, eating and watching movies. This is Rob's car above he decided on the family route and had so many kids they feel out.
The game has changed a little over the years. I guess they modernized it a bit. We just laughed at some of the fees, think plastic surgery expenses.
Sat night at our house
That is root beer (;
Drew lost his fist tooth,yeah!! It only hung by a thread for a month.
Isn't this little outfit so cute. My mom got this for Lauren and of course it looks adorable on her. She had her cowboy boots on too. She calls them her horsey boots.

Lauren and I with our leggings on.

I am so thankful for my family. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for what He has done for me. I want my kids to always feel loved and to have good memories. Marriage and parenting is tough work. It takes a lot of trial and error and patience. Some days I am so worn out I just want to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. Sounds like I have done this before, yes. Sometimes the noise alone is unbearable. As I watch them run around the house, dive into the couch and tackle each other it is another example of how blessed I am that they are healthy and happy. Today's times are changing. I have no desire to be a average family by the world's standards. Our ways our not everyone else's ways. We want to be authentic and real and share with our kids that mom and dad are life learners. I thank God for His grace, mercy and for changing our lives forever.
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart
Psalm 37:4


  1. We have family game nights here too! I can't believe how much we have in common. Lauren's outfit is adorable. Very wise words from you there in the end. We are NOT striving to be average!

  2. Your family is so beautiful. We have never played life. We love Uno and Jenga and I just got a game called Banangram that I am going to break out soon. I hope the kids love it!

  3. That is one game we need to get! I loved playing it when I was little. You have a precious family and you are such a great Mom! I know they are going to grow up knowing that they are so loved. I just love Lauren's outfit and her horsey boots! :D

  4. Now that looks like a perfect way to spend a Saturday night! Love the horsey boots!


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