Friday, January 7, 2011

I am loved

I want this special girl to know how much she is loved. I wonder if I will have the right words as her mother to explain how her birth story began. To be as honest as I can be but gentle to her soul. They say with adopted kids that there will come a point in there life that they realize they were not wanted by their birth mom and they will mourn over that loss. It sounds so sad and I hope that Lauren does not feel that way but I can imagine that some of that could feel true. I want to be sensitive to her knowing that I was not adopted so I don't know how she may feel. Lately we have been looking through the kids baby books together. Jaden and Drew have pictures of me with them pregnant. Lauren is only 3 so she doesn't get it yet but she will very soon. I showed her pictures of when she was really little and said you were not in Mommy's belly but you were adopted. Adopted kids are special because they were wanted by everyone but God choose us to be your family and we wanted you. That is really tough to explain and will be harder when she starts asking the why questions..
I reflect on knowing that that God adopted all of us in His family so we are all really adopted. Adoption is a blessing and a special gift to many but can be hard on those involved on different levels. I want Lauren to know that God made her so special and picked our family out of a lot of people in this world to be together forever. We are the blessed ones! The funny thing is when I look at her she looks no different to me looking with my heart. I feel we are one like I gave birth to her myself. I look at her with love and am proud of all her little accomplishments and hope her life is filled with Joy.
To know that God thinks that same way about each of us and I only feel a glimpse of that, wow. That He longs to cheer us on and cries with us in our suffering. Wow what a adoption story we all have.
People often think adoption is not for them, and for many it is not. We are all called to different missions in life. People sometimes wonder how is your adoptive child going to fit in (fit in?) God doesn't have a mold, people do. How are we going to explain our differences? There is not a lot of differences. She needs to be loved, cared for , heard, encouraged and tickled like any other kid. Her color is different then ours but that should not define her. She will be raised to think that she is a child of God and that He made her special. We will never limit what God has in store for her. Although we have to be aware of her feelings and make sure she feels accepted we should not limit what God can do and how she will flourish. It is such a big job that she is watching us and how we react to situations. We do have more looks and questions but have become much stronger people. No words can describe the impact God has had by using her. It is quite amazing what a 3 yr old with a big smile can have on peoples hearts. Through His grace we are living a glimpse of the love Christ has for each one of us through adoption.

I would love to answer any questions that you might have about adoption. If your thinking about it or want to know more or if I can even pray for you I would be privilaged.


  1. Beautifully said, Katie!!! Brought tears to my eyes!

  2. i love this post... thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  3. I think that adoption is a very wonderful thing. It is the best thing God ever did for our family : ) Every child is different. Some children have a very difficult time processing the fact that they were rejected. I

    t is sad to know that our babies will have to feel that pain. I hope your sweet girl does not struggle with those feelings. Kaish has been having a hard time this year with understanding why his birth mom did drugs. He doesn't understand why she couldn't stop.

    It makes him angry. I feel sad he has to work through al of these feelings at such a young age.

    I am so glad God blessed your family with adoption.

  4. She is beautiful and this is a really good post! I just found your blog through Amy @ Filled with Praise. We are adopting from Belize. :)

  5. Katie, you have such a beautiful heart. Lauren is going to grow up knowing that she is so very loved and special. I can't speak for anyone else, but my whole life I was told how special it was to be adopted and added to the abundance of love that I was always given, I actually grew up feeling kind of sorry for those who weren't adopted. Haha! Of course, that was my thinking as a young girl. I never had those feelings of loss or rejection over my birth family. I always knew I was adopted, but my mom really explained everything when I was about 12. It just really didn't change anything about me, because I was always so loved. And as you know, with the latest events with my birth mom, I realize ever more so what an incredible blessing adoption was and how God was protecting me my whole life. Lauren is so precious and you have such a beautiful family!

  6. Hey, girl! You know I love a good adoption post. Good job! My "White Sugar, Brown Sugar" blog is full of Q and A stuff. I'd love for you to share it with your readers. I'm working hard on my blog constantly. Thanks!

  7. Beautiful post--we have been so blessed, haven't we? I pray our kids have an even greater understanding of God's adoption of them because of their earthly adoption.

  8. I've always talked about adoption with Steven even though he doesn't get it yet. With this pregnancy, it gives us lots of opportunities to talk about everything. I've always told him that he and Michelle grew in Auntie E's belly and that this baby is growing in my belly. I also told him that he gets his brown eyes from her.

    I don't know Lauren's story, but I know that a lot of kids were wanted by their birthparents. Not all were "rejected." Instead, the birthparents recognized that they couldn't take care of them and chose a better situation for them. I know that's definitely the case wtih my kids.

  9. I just stumbled upon your blog tonight and this post really spoke to me. We have 2 adopted blessings from Guatemala and 1 miracle by the grace of God. Noah and Alyssa are biological siblings 11 months apart. Alyssa was our surprise adoption and Grace was our surprise pregnancy. I love your blog title because that is how my heart feels about our three.

    Your post really helped me. Noah is now 4, he came home at a year old. He just told me the other day when we were talking that he wished he could have grown in my belly like Grace. My heart went to my stomach with all my feelings because I never want him to feel like that, but I know at some point those feelings come about, I just wasn't prepared. I could go on and on, but god brought me to your post and I thank you for sharing your thoughts. It was beautiful.
    Paula in North Carolina


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