Monday, January 24, 2011

House Love!!

I just love looking at houses. I could just drive around neat neighborhoods all day and look at houses and open houses. This house above is so beautiful! This one is actually a real house for sale right now in Ohio. It looks like a movie house. I love this style of house. very classic and welcoming! Looks like a house I could sit on the porch and read and watch the kids play.

Most of these were found in Georgia looking online. I still don't know what style I like the best. There are so many styles I like.
I love this wooded setting.

What kind of style house do you like? So fun to look and dream isn't it?


  1. Katie, I am with you on loving to look at houses!! I am quiet fond of that second house, but they are all just beautiful!

  2. Girl, we are two peas in a pod. Love those house pics!

  3. I love the houses you love : ) Porches make me happy. Sometimes I wish we had a porch. You know what though? I love just where God put us for right now. Kaish has so many friends in our neighborhood. It is a perfect place to live...even without a porch ; )


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