Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fresh Start to 2011

Happy 2011 to Everyone!! Hope this year brings many blessings and memories.
I love how the new year brings in all things fresh and light with containers, baskets, and cleaning supplies. My husband jokes my favorite isle at the store is the cleaning supply isle. Being a homemaker I suppose that is important. I take joy in a clean house. Although it is not always clean I do enjoy the one hr that is stays that way after a cleaning day. I also love to organize which by the way never stays that way either. I do enjoy cleaning and putting things in order. It is weird though because when I am working I am not organized at all. I like a mess around me when the creative parts are working in my brain.
Right after Christmas I am ready for the tree to come down. Rob likes it to stay up till New Years, so we compromised in the middle and I left it up till wed. Everything is back in order and as much as I love the tree It is nice to go back to normal.
I am getting inspired for the bright clean of spring to come, to bad I only have 3 more months of cold! The part of Ohio that I hate. This winter already feels long. These pictures make me happy~ Isn't this kitchen beautiful? I love white cabinets. It seems either you love them or hate then. I find them classic and dateless. I also like the creamy looking ones and many combinations of counter tops with this look.
Love baskets like these. I would love a whole wall of something like this. To bad I would be in debt after I bought the whole wall unit from Pottery Barn and each basket, it would be way more then my first car!!
More bright, light and clean look
Love this office area, seriously where does Pottery Barn find these neat neat house?
I always struggle with my closet. Being in a rush it is hard to keep it clean.
Well I feel a little inspired if only the sun was shining today. We don't have a lot of sun for the next 3 months, but a lot of gray. Gray seems to be the most popular color in home decor lately, but I can't say that I really love it.
Have a great New Years Day!!


  1. I love a nice clean house too and I love being organized! But, it never stays longer than a day or so. Ha! I'm in clean-out mode these next few weeks....I don't want to have to move anything that we don't truly use/need!! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Katie! I am so thankful you blog. I enjoy staying 1/2 way connected. I work the same way you do! I know my way around a messy desk!

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