Monday, January 17, 2011

The clean new playroom

Here is our new play area. I really like how it turned out. It was a fun project and came together nice. I didn't have this in mind but after painting the shelves I thought I could do something neater with them. I first had them just against the wall and it didn't look all that neat. So this Pottery Barn look on the cheap came to me. I will post the details of painting pressed wood soon. A little more work but worth it.
It was more work getting all the toys reorganized.
Isn't this shopping cart the cutest thing ever?
Babies sleeping, and a big cat.
Most of this stuff is Lauren's the boys have their stuff on the new shelves. Mostly Lego's in the baskets and army guy stuff.

View when you first walk down. Not bad for a unfinished basement. It looks more like a living/play area. Thanks for looking!!


  1. so crazy that your craigslist find is almost IDENTICAL to my craigslist find. but through this experience, we decided that we were NOT furniture painters. we need lessons. :)

  2. It looks really great Katie! I love it!

  3. So nice! I was just going to come over and ask you if you can refinish cheap book shelves. The girls have gotten markers all over theirs and I hate to have to go buy all new ones, but I really want nice stuff for when we move.

  4. Katie, Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Your family is beautiful! I would love some hair tips. SPP's hair is in tight, I tell you TIGHT curls up on her head right now. It's just starting to frizz. She's 8 weeks old now. I have recently started using a curl lotion that my BFF Tasha suggested. It seems to help a bit. I will take any suggestions you can give me. My email is

  5. Looks good! We created a play space in our unfinished basement, too.

  6. Love it! We are trying to do something with our playroom! I love the shelves!


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