Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be a friend

I have been thinking a lot lately. Some things in the last week have kind of shaken me up. I know I can not save the world but I can do more to reach the hurting. I am going to be very intentional in my walk with Christ. If I am concerned for a friend for any reason I would rather go out of my comfort zone and help then think everything is alright. I am going to put my insecurities aside and love like Christ if that is what He lays on my heart at any given moment. My heart is breaking for hurting people. I am also disappointed in myself for being so selfish sometimes. I am more worried if someone likes me more then I am wanting to please God. I pray that I do everything I do with God working through me. I am thankful for His Mercy and Grace when I get it all wrong or need a do over. Sometimes the most Radical thing we can do as Christian's is to love the lost and be a friend to those in need. God may be asking you to go out of your comfort zone in a big way or small way to show His love. I often think how big our impact could be if we all did something out of the ordinary to show the love of Christ. With little God can do much. "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" Corinthians 12:9 What if one more person is in heaven because you were obedient?


  1. You have got to read my blog today. We are thinking on the same wavelength, plus I have a giveaway!

  2. Amen!! Very well said!! I agree.

  3. I think that is the very best way to live!

  4. Katie, I LOVE this--I am really trying to live this right now. It bothers me sometimes how our great Christian community that we live in in AR can be so cold and callous sometimes to those who really need us. This is my mission!


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