Thursday, January 13, 2011

Anyone remember this book?

This was one of my favorite books as a kid. My room was always a mess growing up and my closet had a trapped door in it my mom used to say. I am not a pack rat at all anymore and only save things I think I can use for decorating or crafts. This is a great book for kids who are messy. (that would probably be most) I think most of the moms will get a kick out of Mama Bear too and will relate to her.
Our basement is looking a tad bit hoarder like lately. Have you seen the show Hoarders? I can't even watch the show because it makes my anxiety flair up. I am not a neat freak to the extreme or anything and really don't mind crumbs, crafts, or Lego's on the floor but when it is time to clean up I am motivated. I become a lot like Mama Bear and start purging and maybe even getting a little tone to my voice that I am not happy with the big ol' mess everywhere. Then I start to organize everything and make a bigger mess in the process, anyone like that?? I do love to organize!!
I thought I would start working on the basement. We have a unfinished basement that is already framed but not finished. It is a nice basement but not real pretty. It serves a purpose. I decided to put almost all the kids toys down there a couple years ago and it has really helped with keeping the upstairs nicer. I put all the toys in baskets and found a spot for everything. That only lasted a couple days though and I decided to let that dream go, ha ha!! So now I only attempt to re-organize every month or so.
Recently I was thinking of ways to make a neater play area. I looked around on Craigslist with a idea. Let me add this was after adding up how much a Pottery Barn wall unit would cost. If your wondering I referred to this a few posts back it way more then a nice used car..
Anyway I bought two shelves off Craigslist that were UGLY and painted them I had a vision. Then today I worked on the basement all day. I will post pictures soon, on what one can do without spending much at all. I am excited.


  1. I love to organize too. Actually, I am opposite of a hoarder. It gives me great satisfaction to throw away and get rid of things. I hate things....they give me anxiety! I am having lots of fun getting rid of unused things and at least I don't feel so bad that most of it was given to my kids and I can donate it to our new pregnancy resource center resale shop to help the girls they serve. It's a win-win situation for me! Sometimes I get carried away though and regret getting rid of stuff. But, sentimental things....I hold on to! Maybe too many. Ha!

  2. I loved those books when I was a kid!


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