Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol

I am so happy with the show so far this year. Last year I was so bored I wasn't even really excited to watch it. This year I though it would be even worse that Simon was gone. Actually now I think it was the best move they could have made. All three judges are likable!! I like that the show seems more positive this season so far. Some of the people are not very good but there doesn't seem to be the exploiting factor as much as previous years. Simon who was the man that spoke what others thought could be pretty mean at times.
I really love Aerosmith's music. I have liked them since I was in high school. When we went to Disney Jaden loved their signature roller coaster.
This man has style. Not many men could pull off his look. Love the hair! His hair color is a lot like mine, lol. He defiantly has a lot of style and personality going on. He is really funny!!
Did anyone cry at that last story last night of the young man who's girlfriend got into the accident? Oh my, tears...


  1. You are so right. His hair color AND cut are like yours : )

  2. I wasn't even going to watch it this year because I'm kind of bored with it, but I've ended up watching it anyways. I loved the adoption story tonight! And that girlfriend one was touching too.


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