Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!! Here are a few pictures of our entry way. I have had a lot of requests about inside pictures. I want to do a lot of before and afters. I have had so much going on I can't wait to blog about everything with the new house. So stay tuned...

What a nice Christmas we had despite not being very organized. It all worked out and when it comes down to it the presents and decorations are nice but being together is what matters most. Reflecting on Jesus being born in a manger and how he came into this world humbly to change the world for each one of us. That is what Christmas is about. We went to a new church on Christmas Eve, that put on a production. It was really neat. They had singing and comedy and one of the best sound systems I have ever heard. Jaden and Drew loved the drummers they had a drum off with strobe lights and rock music, it was a comedy skit that was really funny. They had snow falling on the stage and beautiful music we all enjoyed it. We got home late and I had not even wrapped but a few gifts so I was up until about 2:30 am getting it done.

This was right before we left for church and Drew was mad about something. Jaden and Lauren thought it was funny. I am all about being real and this is reality most days. Someone is always not happy when you have three kids. A few minutes later all was well again.

The kids and I

It has been a while since I took any pictures of the kids or family pictures. These are just candid shots but I miss being back to our normal lives. Things are coming together but it is nice to be at home again and not feel like we are moving.

Drew is my little photographer

Christmas morning!!

Lauren just had to have this game. We took it out of the box and it was already not working. The company is sending another that hopefully inflates in the belly.

Drew in his Steelers garb. You have to be a Steelers fan around here!!

Here he is swinging his terrible towel. To funny!! Zac S. this is for you!!

Rob making his famous Christmas breakfast.

My parents came Christmas night. It is so nice having them closer now!!

Drew being a goof ball. He is so silly, seriously. We got the new Just Dance 3 and he pulled his pants up as high as they went with out a shirt on dancing to his favorite songs. He knows all the words to popular dance songs and has his own moves to go with them. He is quite the entertainer.

My dad and Me, he is a great guy! I love you!!

Cute! The kids love Nana and Grandpa

Hope you enjoyed our family re-cap. To all family, friends and blogging friends. We love you all and wish you a blessed 2012!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We made it!!

We finally made it!! We moved last Thursday. This move has been so quick I have hardly had time to let it all sink in. Our house in OH sold in one week, never would I think that the first people that looked at it would have bought it. It's been a whirlwind and life has a funny way of changing when you least suspect it. It was sad leaving our old house but in a way it was just a house, mixed emotions. The lady buying our house was a sub for Lauren's gymnastics class a few times what are the odd's? Rob says I was the mayor of Pickerington. I think a lot of it has to do with having kids in school and Lauren being adopted. I gave up on blending in long ago, lol.. I will really miss Pickerington and so many nice friends we met. We lived there four years and just like this time didn't know a soul moving in and left knowing friend that were like family. I haven't cried much but I finally did on Thursday pulling out of town following Rob to Pittsburgh. My neighbor and her family waved as we drove away it was so sweet and kind but made the flood gates go. My BFF Jackie also came by the same day and said goodbye. I know that I will see her again many times but we won't live across town anymore and see each other all the time. Even Drew said Miss Jackie is like a family member ): So here we go again starting fresh. The exciting thing is I have seen God's hand in this move and that has been remarkable and promising. Everything has pointed for us to move here to our new town. We live about 35 min from Pittsburgh in the suburbs. So far we love the town and our new house. The house is a dream come true setting, it so beautiful. I live up on a high hill amongst rolling hills with trees everywhere. It is so peaceful we hardly hear any cars or see any traffic. The win win is that the mall is 5 min around the corner but you would never know!! Yes, I said a dream come true!!

It snowed the day after we moved in and I have to say it was pretty. I am going have to learn to like the snow. We are now in the North East. I do like the seasons just wish winter was one month shorter. I have a feeling North Face is going to be my new BFF.

I love it!! It is like a movie set. Now the inside needs a little updating. Everything has good bones and is livable it is just needs some updating to welcome it to 2012. We have lots of plans and I can't wait to share everything here.Rob and I

My mom, she is so cute. My parents now live 3 hrs away. That is another dream come true. We have never lived this close. My mom is great at decorating, funny, sweet and is my best friend (:

The rock wall room. My least favorite motif in the house. We have some plans and lots of paint in the works. I have worked all day non stop and you will be happy to know the land of a thousand lamps is now picked up.

Buddy is still watching!!

Moving during the holidays has not been fun! I missed Thanksgiving with my family,a shopping trip to New York City, and just got a tree a up a few days ago. It makes me kind of sad but I am thankful for so much. I told Rob I can't wait till next Christmas!! I am tired, seriously drained but I want to make Christmas the best I can and get our lives back to normal.

Our tree!!

The boys started school yesterday and so far so good. Both of their teachers are wonderful and the school is nice and so friendly. People could not be nicer in the area that makes a world of difference. My new neighbor next door brought over a huge baked spaghetti the day after we moved in and cookies. Can't wait to post more news soon.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel and prayer request

One week from tomorrow we will pulling out of Ohio. Makes me sad in so many ways but also happy. The hard part is feeling comfortable with your home and new location so hopefully it will be a easy transition. We have lived in this house longer then any other house so it does feel like home. We will miss all our friends and neighbors and that is the sad part about moving. The fun part is the new adventure,new friends and opportunities that we will have. So we are excited!! I have been packing away non stop. I decided to pack all the smaller stuff myself because we saved 3,000. I would rather have a new couch or money towards vacation besides I will need one after this (: I am finding it it a lot of work!! Rob has been traveling with work during this time and he also got sick this week. I have had a few crazy mom moments but all and all we are working together to get everything done and ready for the moving truck next Thursday.
This was when I first got started it is looking less and like home which I guess is good.

I hate living like this!! It is causing my anxiety to go crazy and now I have a twitching eye to go with it since I have not been sleeping well. I just lay there and think about everything that needs to get done. As my friend Jackie says "Some people can't be alone with their thoughts" Well Jackie I am one of them!!

You forget how much work this is until you start and then you forget how much junk you have. It has been so nice to give away so much stuff and I can't believe how much Jaden my little pack rat had up in his room. Three bags of garbage!!

Can you read my mind? This was after a long day of packing and I was getting a little mad. Poor Rob was sick but everyone looks pretty comfortable don't they? As I sit and complained that day I got some really bad news. My cousin Lisa overcame breast cancer back when she was 35 I believe and she has done so well for a while now. Lately she has not been feeling well and has been having headaches and other symptoms. She found out she now has bone cancer.

Lisa is a beautiful ,strong, giving, and compassionate young lady.She has two children one with autism. She is the kind of friend you want to have. She is a humanitarian that helps others and is very talented in writing and enjoys theater. She is fun to be with, laughs a lot and would help out anyone. I ask that you prayer for her during this stressful time for her and her family. I ask that you pray for complete healing, and that God shows himself in a big way to her family.

‎"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Each day when I am out and about I try to remember this with everyone I encounter. God can use ordinary people to show His love to the hurting. Everyone has or will go through some trials that will rock their world. Even if it is just a smile or helping in a small way you can really impact someone when you are hurting so bad. I have been there and I know that the kindness of friends and strangers can really lift you up. Remember God uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary. Please pray for Lisa and pray about how God can use you. It is so easy to get caught up in our problems that we forget all of the many blessing we all have. I am praying for you Lisa, stay strong.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Elf On The Shelf

I am having a lot of fun with our new Elf friend Buddy. Have you ever heard of this fun tradition? It is a lot of fun for the kids and it really helps behavior, ha ha. The kids named our elf "Buddy" the elf. Fitting since our favorite family movie is The Elf. Buddy has been showing up in a new area each day reporting back to Santa or mom,hmmm...Buddy and I are tight.
The kids found him in the birdcage. This is one of my favorite decorating pieces. Seems odd to have a large birdcage in my living room with no bird but I use it as a statement piece it really is cool. It is 3ft tall or more. I love finches so maybe someday I will actually use it.


He even showed up in my car one day where we have some of our greatest behavior. Mom's you know I am lying right now. I like to use my radio in the car we will leave it at that.

We stayed home this year for Thanksgiving because of packing and all the junk we have to get done before moving. I missed seeing my mom but we really needed the time to get work done. We were invited for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast 10 min away at my BFF Jackie's house. She did such a beautiful job with her place settings. The food was so good too, seriously awesome food. I brought my camera to take pictures and only managed this..I wish I would have got some pictures of all of us.

When we got home I took this picture of Lauren because she just looked cute. She is so cute and ornery as they come. Our tree looks so sad this year. Right when we get over to PA we are putting up a tree but for now I am using this little tree. So far things have been weird this year not pulling out the decorations yet, I am usually in full swing by now. I haven't done any shopping and don't know when I will get to it. I figure I will go to Toys R Us once we are there and work all night long wrapping and decorating. Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. Jackie and I also saw the new Twilight movie. With our own subtitles throughout the movie it was fabulous but without them I don't know how great it really was. They are defiantly milking the saga out now. I have been a little depressed thinking about leaving our life here. I know that it is for the best but it is hard to start over again and leave friends. I know God will provide for us and I am excited about the future it is just the transition time that is so hard. I better go pack some more. Love you all!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Okay, I think I can get excited now!

This is our new home!! We love it, it is older and needs some updating but it is one of those "Buy the cheapest houses in the best neighborhood deals." It is such a beautiful setting and the house just feels right when you walk in, we knew right away. There is elementary behind it with a baseball diamond, Rob is in heaven. Trees everywhere on a beautiful street something we have always wanted, trees!!.There is going to be so much renovation that this blog is going to get interesting and creative for a long time. Everything checked out good here and things are moving along. On my half I have had nothing but drama. God is teaching me to step back and not to get bitter and to try and understand where people are coming from. I have had lots of emotions but I have finally come to the terms that if I were moving into a new house I suppose I would want it perfect too. Wait that is not true though, this place above is beautiful but not perfect and I am realistic going in. You pay for what you get and when a home has been lived in it is not perfect. Okay I am going to stop (: For the record my home now is move in ready very few issues!! I am not a bitter person but we have had nothing but hoops and red tape trying to make the buyers understand that any home has little things and you don't need a license contractor to fix a door latch..You get my drift.. I am going to continue to adjust my heart on this issue and pray that they find happiness with the home and neighbors. We do have great neighbors but sometimes they don't get along either so this should be a interesting addition...Anyway thanks for the prayers we do need them we have had more then enough stress. With Christmas coming I don't know how I am going to do it all let alone have a tree for the kids this year. In all things I am thankful and this is just little stuff that builds. God is good all the time even in our biggest sadness He knows more then me! I need to tell myself this daily when things don't go according to my way.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lot's going!

Here are some of my favorite people. Here is our small group from church. These people are some of the best people I know! We started out in another group a year or so ago and it grew so big we split off and Rob was asked to co-lead a new group. So neat to see God work in each of our lives and to see prayers answered. We have been there for each other for our ups and downs and I am thankful to have them all.

It is so nice to be able to do stupid human tricks and laugh our butts off together.

Oh and My little Lauren is so cute, I just had to post this picture it got missed in the Halloween pics last blog.

Saying all of this..It is going to be hard to leave friends that are dear. We decided to put our house up for sale a few weeks ago to see what would happen. With Rob being in Pittsburgh so much we knew we were going to eventually try and move over there. He is gone anywhere from 2-3 days per week most weeks so it can be a challenge and the kids miss him. We went to visit the area a few weeks ago and liked it. We actually found a neat house but didn't want to get attached since we wanted to sell first. Between my mom and bff here they told me to list the house and not wait till spring you never know. We also prayed that night that if it is Gods will for us to move the house will sell and we will know we are meant to go and if it doesn't we will stay put. A couple days later a couple looked on a Friday night and we got a offer on Monday. So it looks like we are moving in a month or so. So it has been crazy lately!! Wow, we were not expecting this to happen so fast. So last weekend we went back to PA and that same house that we loved was still the one we loved the best so tomorrow we will hear if we have a deal. I can't wait to blog about this new adventure. Part of me is sad to leave friends and what is comfortable but part of me is super excited to have a more normal family life with less travel and to enjoy a new adventure. The kids are a little nervous and somewhat excited. So here we go again. So that is our crazy life lately. Lots of fun to come and looking forward to a new adventure. Jaden said it best "Mom when it is God's will it goes fast." The wisdom of Jaden is remarkable.

The kids enjoyed a great season of Upward Soccer. All three played and had a blast. Lauren was more then thrilled she could actually play a team sport. She now thinks she can do everything the boys do. We signed the boys up for Upward basketball and she was not old enough and she threw the mother of all fits one for the record book. It was actually sad she just wanted to play so bad but did not understand the age restrictions and told me she is not 4!!! Over and over lots of yelling and tears, poor baby.

My handsome Jaden

She is so proud. She is a good little athlete but was a little confused on which way to go and sometimes would purposely fall and roll in the grass a while. My brain is a fog and I am getting tired but wanted to share all the excitement. Looks like I have lots to do this month. We will move in right before Christmas if all goes well. Thanks to friends on Facebook who prayed for me this week. I was so overwhelmed, Rob gone, two sick kids..and working on selling this place and fearful of not knowing where we were going to live next month. It is all coming together and I need to trust that God will take care of us and knows all our needs. Each day I can only do my best and He will do the rest.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick Or Treat

What a fun night we had on Monday. The kids are at the perfect age for this. Jaden was a mad scientist, Drew a punk Rocker, and Lauren who else but The little Mermaid. I love dressing them up it was so much fun for mom too!!
So funny how they got into their roles once the costumes came on. Lauren become princess like, Drew had attitude below which is not like Drew and Jaden acted like a scientist and talked like one.

Kind of creepy he then kept telling me he was a vampire from Twilight. He cracks me up!!

So cute!

Love them!

This is from Lauren's preschool class, they all looked so cute.

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