Monday, December 20, 2010

Eating ice cream and ready for santa

Lauren has been on this ice cream kick. She wants it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I tell her no she asks if she can have it as a treat after dinner. I told her it is a special treat once in a while. She got a little spoiled because she had some twice in just a couple days. So now she asks everyday regardless if she just had some earlier that day or not. Smart girl, can't say I can blame her who doesn't like ice cream.
Drew enjoying some too
Darn cute and hard to say no. Could you say no to this face?
We are ready for Santa. Santa is fun at our house but we don't really go overboard. I know this is a hot debate with a lot of christian families. When my Jaden asked if Santa was real a few years ago we told him the truth. We told him not to ruin if for Drew though and it was just something fun for little kids. Then recently Drew asked and we told him the same. He didn't seem disappointed at all. The whole idea of seeing Santa at three malls in one day, on the corner and ringing a bell must have told him a clue. We told him to make it fun for Lauren and of course it works for bad behaviour at times, lol. I don't think Santa is a bad thing and it is fun for little kids. It is when you start making it all about him that is when I think it becomes a problem. So Lauren will be waiting for Santa on Christmas morning. How did you all deal with this topic out in blog land?
I decided to add spotlights to my house. I really like it, I still need to work on it to get the best lighting effect but it is freezing outside.
I hope this rabbit doesn't fall apart after this cold weather we have been having. The thing weighs about 70 pounds, hopefully it will stay nice through the weather.
I put this snowman in a big pot because for the past few years he always falls over or blows away in the wind. This seemed to work this year.
I love topiaries!!
I found this cute little flag at Lowe's.
I have a few more things to finish up but we are ready here. Hope you all have a Blessed Christmas!


  1. My girls would eat ice cream every day if we'd let them too! :D I love your house....beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    My girls still all believe, at least as far as I know.... LOL!

  2. great pictures!! Now I want some icecream! haha


  3. The spotlights are GORGEOUS Katie! I love that. And, oh my goodness, do I ever love that little ice cream face : )

    I always took Kaish to see Santa. He didn't really care too much about him : ) and this year, he didn't want to go and see him and he told me he isn't real. I suppose it comes with age.

    I miss my baby : )

    I still believe in Santa though. It's nice to believe in something good and magical like that.

    Hope your Christmas is magical Katie! Love, Becky


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