Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas at our house

What a great time we had here. Hope you all had a nice Christmas as well. My parents came from PA and spent a couple days with us and it was so nice to have them on Christmas morning. Rob has been on vacation this week so we have been having some nice family time that we love. It is so nice to have him home to help with the kids, and play with them. I know they love daddy so much. I get a little more time to myself too and help. Needless to say I love Christmas time.
Every year I say this but Christmas gets better every year. The kids just have so much joy. I usually don't go crazy but it is so easy to do having little ones at home. To see the happiness new toys brings melts my heart.
Here are my 3 blessings before bed on Christmas Eve. A note for Santa and some carrots for reindeer.

Nice having my dad take a family picture for us.
Coming down the stairs.
Daddy and Lauren. This baby alive is so cute, it looks like Lauren. It eats banana and drinks juice and talks to you. I told Rob we are not buying any babies that wear diapers because apparently Baby Alive makes some babies that really need diaper changes. I have had enough diapers in the last 8 years! Don't forget my adorable dog Champ too!!

They are thanking each other for each others gifts to each other.
Jaden and his new radio. He is really growing up. I gave him my old Ipod. He thinks he is really cool now. He really does like it because he listens to Toby Mac all the time and goes to sleep with it on.
I made my mom a chalkboard out of a old picture and wrote the Top 10 Reasons why we love Nana and Grandpa. She really liked it and is not erasing it she says.
Have you seen this hilarious commercial for the Shake Weight. Well my cousin Mark got one and said it worked. So I got Rob one since it is hard to get to the Gym with 3 kids, and a busy job. He has been doing really well running at home in the evening, and trying to eat really healthy. It is so hard to fit fitness into everyday life but important. We do pretty good with eating and do enjoy some cookies and coke but most of what we eat is very healthy. Lauren and Drew are super picky so that does not help. Anyway the weight is really hard and it does work.
My mom and Drew with Mario and Sonic Olympics
This is so adorable!! She loves Little Mermaid. Ever since Disney, she has been into Ariel. I am glad because before this it has mostly been Cars, Spider man, Sponge Bob, Football. She does love her cheer leading outfit but now she has another favorite.

Champ has been a really good boy the last couple months. He loves to be with us. He didn't know what to think about Christmas.
Jaden's favorite toy his million piece Lego set that he put together in a few hours. Kid amazes me with his building skills. He loves instructions and building.
The after
These were from Christmas Eve, I thought they were cute.

Lauren and Nana, The kids love their Nana. She treats them so special. So glad they could be with us this Christmas. God has been so good to us. What a great Christmas we had.


  1. I just love that chalkboard you made!!! How special! I'm definitely going to keep that in mind for a future gift! I love that baby alive doll too! Lily got a baby alive too :) Your pics are all so good.....glad you had a great Christmas!

  2. Your Christmas looks wonderful. Your mom looks SO young. Like she is 34 : ) Beatiful! I am so impressed about the lego construction. That really does look like a zillion pieces.

    Are you serious about a baby that poops? That is pure craziness. Who would want that? ICK!


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