Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 days to go!

I have had a lot of joy lately. Although Christmas is 11 days away and I have a ton of stuff to do I don't really feel stressed. I figure it will all get done. I have really just enjoyed the kids, our home and having friends over. I think that is the way it is supposed to be (: My parents are coming from PA for Christmas, can't wait. Lauren has a performance tomorrow at her school, it will be the first time that she will be on stage. She is a little Diva princess. I never really liked the word Diva but it seems to fit a little girl who is sweet and pretty but demanding and dramatic. It has been super cold here like it has been many places. The kids love the snow but they only last about ten minutes outside. Makes me thankful for a warm house!!
I love these brown and gold ornaments. I bought a whole bunch of these things on clearance last year. I love the big ball ornaments. So many neat combinations of tree choices, and decorating these days. I have enjoyed looking at some of my friends trees. All different and neat. Unique combinations are so beautiful.
I have this little shelf in my house, two of them actually. I don't really like it but it works for my nativity perfect each year. This was a Christmas gift from my parents one year, very special.
We had our Life group (used to be called Sunday school class) from church at our house a couple weeks ago. It was really fun. I love our small group. We are really growing as a group and encourage each other through life!! The woman had a ornament exchange and the guys had a gag gift exchange. Of course the man gifts were the best. We were all dying laughing. Some examples of the gifts-A picture with Golden Retrievers, duck tape, half a bottle of Stetson, huge wrench, keyboard, food tray, and there was more..
I actually would like to do this tradition when our kids are grown up, it created so much laughter and memories. Here is Jim below. He got this awful two-tiered chip and dip tray. I am sure that will make a come back next year.

Rob's gift was actually not bad. A Woody Hayes doll, the kids loved it. The person who gave it doesn't like Ohio State so to him it was not a gift he wanted. We gladly took it!! Although OSU is playing AR in a few weeks. We have some loyalty to AR as well. Lauren was born in AR and we have lots of friends there, hard to root against friends (:
My friend Sarah and her son
Mindy one of my sweetest friends who moved here not to long ago. Some people you just instantly click with and she is one of them. Sweet southern girl that is so kind.
These are some of the most special people I have ever met. This is Albert and Mary Louise. They recently started attending our church and come to our small group. The age thing does not bother them a bit and they have become mentors to so many of us. They are so giving and extraordinary. A book could be written about their lives, they are Oprah show material. They have adopted children, raised a blended family, fostered kids. She was a school teacher, he owned a business for years. They are still helping others and it is amazing to see how God is using them. They love our kids too! So special for Lauren to have them!!
Back to reality in our home!! My kids crack me up. Never a dull moment.
Drew has been taking a lot of pictures, he is really good. Here is Lauren and me. She is really growing up and talking so much.
Jaden went to the Nutcracker last week with his class in downtown Columbus. I really love his teacher this year. He is doing so well and I am so proud of him. Jaden is a leader and is just as happy being by himself as he is playing with others. He is really into math and Legos more then ever. I don't know how kids have gotten so smart all of a sudden. In school I don't remember doing half the stuff his class does. He is adding large number in his head and last night was doing multiplication facts in his head up to the X 7 family?? I have never done multiplication with him? He defiantly gets that from his daddy. Jaden is reading so well and his writing is getting better all the time. I have a lot to owe to his teacher this year, they are very similar so it works well.
Hope everyone is doing well! Enjoy each moment and don't be stressed. This has been one of the best seasons ever for me. My house may not be perfect, and everything might not be bought and wrapped but I feel good. Love from my family is the best thing I could have.

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