Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I recently read the book The Christian Atheist and really enjoyed it. So much to think about and so humbling. I started listening to Craig a few weeks after I found him on iTunes. You can download these free Podcast on your Ipod, Phone, or listen online. I just wanted to pass this link along. Craig is so talented in sharing Christ in a unconventional but very biblical way. He speaks in a way that shows love, compassion and honest concern for the people of this world. He is very funny, real, and down to earth. Click the link at the bottom and at the top click watch. There are tons of different series on multiple topics that hit home. Some of the sermons I have listened to have really spoke to me and have been life changing. Good Stuff!!He is similar to Andy Stanly who I also really like. Check it out friends!!


  1. Hi Katie,

    It has been awhile since I have been on the blog. I have missed you and hope to get back to blogging a bit more again.

    We have been going to one of the linked churches in our town and absolutely LOVE Craig Groeschel. He is so inspiring and listening to him is so much FUN! The band that plays at our church is also AWESOME. We always have a GREAT experience each Sunday!♥

  2. I love him too. I've been meaning to go watch some more of his sermons. He has some great ones out there and he was part of our OnePrayer series that we did at church too. You should read "Confessions of a Pastor" by him. It was hilarious! He tells alot of funny stories about bloopers he made when he first started preaching, among other things. I'd let you borrow it, but it's on my nook. I love Andy Stanley too and lately I've been listening to Charles Stanley's sermons on this Christian radio station I found.....they're really good too!


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