Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall pictures of the kids

I took these a few weeks ago. Drew really needed a hair cut but the leaves were really pretty and I didn't want to miss it. They are sure growing up. What personalities they all have! I have some family pictures to post too. Using the timer was like a Funniest Home Videos clip. Since I was the photographer (I work cheap). I set up the tri-pod and had to run into the pictures. The kids were arguing and crabby, but when I said smile, they smiled.
Kids with Daddy

My new header of my blog! My friend Jill gave me a little update. Thanks Jill!!


  1. I love your pics!! You do a great job! I also love your new blog layout! I hope your family has a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Great job! You have such cute kiddos!!

  3. ohh my ... I LOVE the photos! They really came out terrific and so lovely! We just took some family portraits and I can't wait to see them in a week!


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