Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jaden was baptized today!!

We are so proud of Jaden today he was baptized. He accepted Christ at age 4 1/2 which seems so young but he really did. Child like faith is so precious and so sincere. Although we want all of our kids to know Christ it is a decision that they each will make on their own. Jaden is a very special boy with a great heart. If you know him this does not surprise you. He knows the bible better then most adults and he is a living testimony. From a early age he seemed to really understand the Gospel and God's forgiveness and Grace. Starting at about three he would listen to us read bible stories for an hr or more. Now at 8 he reads his own bible and has wisdom beyond his years. He is so special.
Something neat also happened today. There is a little boy in Jaden's sunday school class that has autism. He really likes Jaden. When they first came to our church his mom wanted someone to be friend him and make the transition easier for him. It makes my cry typing this because someone from our church recommended that Jaden would be a good friend. Today his mom came up to me and said that her son asked to be taken out of class to come see Jaden be baptized and that he was so excited. Isn't that so precious? I am so proud of my son that he is living by faith not by words. That he gets it!! Nothing could make us prouder. We can't wait to see what God does with his life.

His friend Ellie got baptized right after him today. Ellie is in his second grade class at his elementary school and we are friends with her parents. She is so cute, a match made in heaven,lol!! I don't think the moms would mind.
Pastor Brian and Pastor Rick awesome christian men!

You are awesome kid Jaden!!


  1. I can imagine your heart is so full it's about to burst!!! What a beautiful day! And I love that about his new friend too!! What a precious son you have! I will look forward to seeing the plans God has for him!!

  2. How awesome!! Jaden is very wise beyond his years. I know how proud you are, it's what we pray for all our kids.

  3. Wow! Congrats! I am so happy for you, and for Jaden!! What an awesome kid you and Rob are raising!!

  4. Yeah Jaden! What a wonderful son you have Katie--congrats and great job!


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