Friday, October 29, 2010

A fun cool night of Trick Or Treating

Trick Or Treat just gets better each year. Lauren was in a full sprint to each door. Towards the end though her and Drew were out of gas. It was cold but not to bad. The kids had to wear their coats most of the night but you could still see their costumes. Our neighborhood is a great place to go Trick Or Treating. Lots of grandparents stay at their grand kids houses and pass out candy while the kids are out. We have a lot of kids so if we all went out then we would get no candy so it works out well. Lots of cute costumes and visiting with neighbors.
The boys are Mario and Luigi and Lauren was a 50's girl.

They did well. They even got some juice boxes, little pop cans and whole candy bars!!
Our neighborhood had a costume parade last week.
I have gotten my moneys worth this year out of their costumes. One more little party this afternoon and I can retire The Mario Bros, and my 50's girl.
This fall has been loads of fun. Hope everyone had a safe fun night.


  1. Love their costumes!! So cute!

  2. Too cute! My kids are all dressing up in 50's gear too. Love it!

  3. Super cute costumes!!!!

    That's a lot of candy!!

    Have a happy weekend!


  4. Wow... now that is some serious candy. Great costumes! They look so cute! A costume parade sounds like so much fun... what a great activity!

  5. What beautiful children you have! They are just too cute in their costumes! And all that I don't know about you, but it's only the first day after Halloween and already I'm sick of seeing all the candy in our house! For us, it's Halloween candy times NINE -- nine big bags full. Because yes, even my teenagers still go out and trick or treat! I think I stopped at age 12...but these days, at least in our town, kids trick or treat until they are about 16 or 17! It's crazy.

    Love your blog! You have a wonderful family :)

  6. They look SO cute in their costumes! Great Job!

  7. Really adorable costumes Katie! Your kids are too cute for words. So sweet! I think this might have been Kaishon's last year. He is just not into it that much at all anymore : (


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