Thursday, October 7, 2010


I just love these pictures of my boys. They are best friends!!
Although they argue and disagree at times I know that they love one another deeply. I see them disagree but moments later they are side by side. I see that they always think of one another and want to include each other. I see that one hurts when the other does.

I see light in their eyes when they are happy for each other.
I see them bonded through thick and thin.
I am learning so much from my kids!! They have so much wisdom. I am often reminded how smart kids are. They seem to understand what truly matters in life unlike adults at times. Kids are loving, caring and forgiving at all times. They forgive and forget. They don't waste time sweating the small stuff. They live in the moment. They trust, they love, they don't judge and they are not afraid to show emotion. So many times we (adults) get it all wrong. Thanks for the reminder boys!!
I want to say to all my special friends that God has blessed me with that I love all of you!! Each of you has been placed in my life and I am a better person for knowing you. I may get it wrong at times but God is always molding me to be more like Him. I don't know what I would do without true friends!!
To often in life we miss the people that matter most and care the most. I have been reminded of that this week. Thank you God for your continued Grace and Mercy on my life!!

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