Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall fun

Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch. Fall has been great we are ready for Trick Or Treat. Our town is having it on Thur. The boys are being Mario and Luigi and Lauren is being a 50's girl. I won't have much say with any of their costumes next year I am sure. Jaden and Drew love Mario Brothers so that was a easy choice this year. If it was up to Lauren she would be Spider Man or Lighting McQueen. I really need to find her some girly friends (:

Made out of hay bale, only in Columbus! It is Brutus Buckeye for those non Ohioan readers. People go a little crazy over the Buckeyes around here. We would never be like that of course (:. Lauren is a big fan already and wears her OSU jersey almost every day. When I put her down for a nap she goes in looking like Miss Gymboree and comes out looking like she is ready for the football team.

This pumpkin patch is the best! There are tons of big slides, farm animals, ice cream, corn mazes, hay rides, playgrounds. We go every year now and the kids love it!

Our front door for fall. We have added a lot of pumpkins since then. The mums on left are all bloomed the ones in the planter have since died. I love mums thought they are so festive.
Can't wait to post Halloween pictures from this week!!


  1. So fun! I can't wait to see their costumes :) Lily has that same booster seat for the car. LOL!

  2. Love it! These pictures are great. I love all the smiles. :) Can't wait to see those fun and cute costumes!! :)

  3. Such cute pictures as always Katie! Oh and I am so glad you had a good time at Disney :)
    We are now living 20 minutes from Disneyland, and we got Annual passes, so we go often.
    love ya and miss ya!


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