Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Disney Part 1

What a wonderful vacation we had!! Disney is by far the best vacation I have ever gone on. It is not a relaxing vacation but it is constantly fun and you could never be depressed being there. The kids were great and enjoyed everything. We had great weather it was in the mid to high 80s but it was never horrible. I love Florida skies never cloudy and the sunsets were so beautiful. We stayed at one of the Disney resorts and spent 7days there. I think for the first time that was good but next time we won't go as long. Seriously this trip will get you in shape you do a lot of walking but you also do a lot of eating so it balances out. Jaden rode every roller coaster and Drew rode everything he could. I was proud of them, it took some explaining and coaxing. They are mostly afraid of the unknown. Lauren could even ride some bigger rides! The kids were happy and a little tired here and there but no complaining. How could you complain at the happiest place on earth, lol. At one point at the Magic Kingdom Rob and I joked that is was going to start raining gumballs and money since everything is so happy and over the top. The park is awesome if you have never been there it is so clean and the workers are so helpful. I will add more pics in the next couple days. I did not bring my good camera just my point and shoot and I don't think I will ever use that thing again. I have been spoiled by my love (camera) We took some with the IPhone too and they turned out good.. Get ready more to come. If your going soon and have any questions I would love to help you out. I am no expert but now that I have gone I can tell you what my kids liked and what I wish I knew. I had friends help me or I would have been lost (:
Drew B and me
Drew and I waiting on Jaden and Daddy. I have more funny hair pictures to post soon.
Drew with his Steven Tyler hair.
This was Jaden's favorite ride and mine too. It is called the Rock "N" Roll Roller Coaster. It is at Hollywood Studios. It is Aerosmith themed ride with all Aerosmith songs. I love Aerosmith it takes me back to high school. The seat you sit in looks like stretch limo. You take off at 60 mph in 2seconds. Then the ride is in the dark mostly with big stage lights. It is really cool and fun. We rode it several times.

We saw someone doing this 2x while we were there, pretty cool. It actually said
"Jesus loves You"
I felt like Mother of the year after I put Lauren on this ride The Tower Of Terror. I didn't think it was going to be so bad but it is a big drop. The kind where you fly out of your seat and your stomach is in your throat kind of ride. She seemed to like it but didn't want to do it again. It was a fun experience but I did feel kind of bad letting my tall 3yr old ride this!
I love how all the rides have a theme and they really play up the theme while your waiting to ride the rides. Such cool decorating and design what a cool job.

At Tony's the Lady And The Tramp themed restaurant at the Magic Kingdom.

Pumpkin Pie cheesecake. I have never ate so much food in my life. It was really good. Isn't that stamp so cute, it was covered with brown sugar. Desert with every meal I told you all it was the happiest place on earth.
Baseball boys
Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios. Apparently this is one of the most sought after rides at Disney. The kids loved it. People acted a little nuts trying to run to the ride and then get fast passes. I am serious someone got their foot ran over by one of those scooters.
I think Toy Story is my favorite Disney Movie.
I think it was pretty crowded while we were there but it was not unbearable. I love the main street at the Magic Kingdom it feels like your in a movie.

More to come...I have all the laundry done and put away and the house is clean. That will not last but I feel good getting everything put away. It is nice to be home. Drew started crying on our last day saying he missed home. That is a good sign. It does feel good to sleep in your own bed. There is no place like home.


  1. Welcome home! Looks like a wonderful trip. Great photos. Nothin' but smiles... love it!! :)

  2. Your trip sounds like SUCH fun! We are planning to go sometime in the next year, so I am going to need to pick your brain:) Can't wait to hear more!!!

  3. Looks like fun!!! I have never been to Disney so I will live vicariously through your photos!!! Your kids are too cute!!


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