Friday, October 29, 2010

A fun cool night of Trick Or Treating

Trick Or Treat just gets better each year. Lauren was in a full sprint to each door. Towards the end though her and Drew were out of gas. It was cold but not to bad. The kids had to wear their coats most of the night but you could still see their costumes. Our neighborhood is a great place to go Trick Or Treating. Lots of grandparents stay at their grand kids houses and pass out candy while the kids are out. We have a lot of kids so if we all went out then we would get no candy so it works out well. Lots of cute costumes and visiting with neighbors.
The boys are Mario and Luigi and Lauren was a 50's girl.

They did well. They even got some juice boxes, little pop cans and whole candy bars!!
Our neighborhood had a costume parade last week.
I have gotten my moneys worth this year out of their costumes. One more little party this afternoon and I can retire The Mario Bros, and my 50's girl.
This fall has been loads of fun. Hope everyone had a safe fun night.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall fun

Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch. Fall has been great we are ready for Trick Or Treat. Our town is having it on Thur. The boys are being Mario and Luigi and Lauren is being a 50's girl. I won't have much say with any of their costumes next year I am sure. Jaden and Drew love Mario Brothers so that was a easy choice this year. If it was up to Lauren she would be Spider Man or Lighting McQueen. I really need to find her some girly friends (:

Made out of hay bale, only in Columbus! It is Brutus Buckeye for those non Ohioan readers. People go a little crazy over the Buckeyes around here. We would never be like that of course (:. Lauren is a big fan already and wears her OSU jersey almost every day. When I put her down for a nap she goes in looking like Miss Gymboree and comes out looking like she is ready for the football team.

This pumpkin patch is the best! There are tons of big slides, farm animals, ice cream, corn mazes, hay rides, playgrounds. We go every year now and the kids love it!

Our front door for fall. We have added a lot of pumpkins since then. The mums on left are all bloomed the ones in the planter have since died. I love mums thought they are so festive.
Can't wait to post Halloween pictures from this week!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Disney part 3

The last night we we went to the fireworks. A few people told us they were really good. They were great!! Tinker bell goes down a zip line from the top of the castle at the beginning of the show, so cool. It really was magical. I just sat there and felt so blessed to be there with my family. I have always wanted to go to Disney and for some odd reason it makes you feel like your a little kid again when you are there. It was so magical taking it all in with my family.

Before the fireworks there was a electrical parade with lots of lights. Very cool.

This was the kids last picture in front of the castle.
Lauren was a good little girl most of the time.
We loved Downtown Disney. There is a bunch of neat little shops. It has a great atmosphere and awesome places to eat.
We did a lot of walking.
Drew loved the American Idol Experience. It is at Hollywood Studios. They have a stage that looks like the real American Idol stage where you can vote for contestants.
I think this is the only family picture we have of all of us.

This is one of my favorite ones of the kids!!
Since we have been home we have ate out a couple times and Lauren keeps saying "Where's Mickey, Where's Goofy."
Isn't this shirt so cute? My friend Kristin made it for her. Kristin
is such a sweet sweet friend. She has actually made a few shirts for Lauren and bows.
We were on the Monorail here. Disney was so awesome, I can't tell you all enough how fun it was. Towards the end though we were all worn out. When we got to the Orlando airport we had to go through all the TSA screening. Rob said a few of those people didn't make the cut to work at Disney, lol. We also ran into someone from our church in Fl and they knew Jaden. Go figure. The plane home was almost all Columbus people. Everyone was tired and anxious to get home. We had a big delay and had to switch planes due to a bird flying into one of the side propellers. It took a while but it was so nice to be home. I might have a few more pictures later in the next week or so but wanted to end here for now. Halloween is coming up so I want to post a few of my fall things and the kids at the pumpkin patch. Have a great sat night!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disney part 2

The character meals are really fun for the kids. They come to your table to take pictures and play with the kids. Jaden seemed to like it but would not dance with the characters and seemed embarrassed at times. Drew and Lauren loved it.
One of Drew's favorite foods chicken legs. Can you tell he is enjoying it?

Lauren loved the Nemo ride. She plugged her ears a lot that week. There was lots of loud noises after doing all the 3D movies.
Epcot was not our favorite park out of the four. There are a couple of neat things but more stuff for adults. After being at the Magic Kingdom it is kind of a let down. They have all these countries represented and they feel authentic with the look, people etc.. We kept giving Rob a hard time because he wanted to walk through all the countries and look in all the stores. My husband? Very odd that he liked the stores? It was kind of neat but it was a lot more walking and it was not as kid friendly. So all week Rob kept teasing us saying he wanted us all to go back and walk through all the countries again. The kids laughed each time of course and said NO!
This was Hollywood Studios at night, I love the night skies there!!

Drew was so sad that the Star Wars ride was closed for remodeling it had been 20yrs so it was due for a update. They still had Star War toys though and some characters walking around so he was happy.

Minnie Mouse Lauren's favorite character. She walked right into one of the shops we were in and Lauren chased out with her.
Drew's buddy
Another character meal

I still have more pictures, they are kind of out of order. Looking at these brings back so many good memories of our time there. The kids were so happy.

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