Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New office color

I can't find a before picture but it was a green. I don't mind green but it was really dark in there. I also didn't like the green with the white trim and french doors. Have you ever looked back and thought that was a weird choice? I actually remember painting it almost 3 yrs ago and thinking "That is Green, alright" I think once you buy paint and you start there is no stopping. I was not liking it much anymore so I wanted to lighten things up. I primed the whole room since I had to cover such a dark color and then I used one of my favorite colors "Tobacco Road" I have this color in the rest of my house as well. If you don't read the nesting place blog you should!! She is wonderful at decorating and on a budget.

Tobacco Road is one of her favorite colors and mine too. It is a nice tan/gold color that looks good with most furniture and is classic. The color actually looks different in different rooms depending on the light and time of day. I might add it looks good no mater what the light.

One of these days I would love built in bookshelves. Maybe I will try that in the future when the kids are at school all day. I really like projects. This old entertainment center is really getting old but it really serves a good purpose filling up the wall and it holds a ton of books, pictures and other decorative things.
My desk, sorry these pictures are so bright, I apparently used the flash since I took these at night. I will have to get some more natural ones later. I really love my desk it was a great re-purpose. I use it everyday and this is where I blog from. I have been really busy the last few weeks. I need to catch up on blogging and reading. Your all so kind and this has been a great outlet for me (:


  1. That desk just looks perfect in there! I need some new furniture, but I will wait until we move :)

  2. Love it! That is such a pretty color. It looks so good with your white trim. I would like to try it, but we have all oak trim so I am not sure it would look good with that. Love your desk!!

  3. Love that color--gonna have to keep it in mind when we paint next time!


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