Tuesday, September 7, 2010

neat cabinet

Isn't this the cutest thing? I found this at Goodwill for $20! I knew it would be a great piece. It just needed some TLC.
Here is the before. I wanted to keep the same look. I like to mix furniture in my house. Most of my stuff is dark wood, black, cream.I seem to like the classic colors and nothing really formal.

First I wiped it all down and then used my sander to get the finish off. It is real wood but was covered with some sort of laminate finishing that was chipping and scratched. After I sanded most of it I cleaned the inside with bleach water to get any old smell out of it. Then I used my Mahogany mini wax gel stain and brushed and rubbed it on. Some parts were damaged so I used more gel and other parts I could just rub in some stain.
Jaden helping me out. He likes to help me look for cool furniture and I am teaching him as I go. Drew is taking a liking to photography so I am teaching him what I know there too. Kind of neat that my kids enjoy my hobbies.
I think it turned out really cute! I also added new hardware to the top and bottom knobs. I let it dry for about 24 hrs and then moved it into the office. I love old furniture with glass especially bookcases, barrister bookcases etc..Have a great day!


  1. That looks great! I passed up a great shelf one day at goodwill, and I dont think I will ever get over it!

    I met the couple that moved here. They seem very nice, and I hope they felt welcome here. They dont have any little onces in my area,but Lori and Jacques.

  2. Another great makeover, Katie!! Love it!

  3. Another great find!! You are good!!

  4. Great job! I love awesome finds at Goodwill!!

  5. How do you find all these great pieces? Amazing!


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