Sunday, September 26, 2010

a little bit of everything recap

Hi Friends!! There is a little bit of everything in this post. I just ordered about 500 pictures from the last 6 months!! I wanted to post a few things that have happened in the last month It has been so busy with school, and the boys birthdays. Drew took this picture above. He is great and can center up pictures pretty good. This was from our anniversary. Rob and I were married 11 years on Aug 28th. Pretty sad that I am getting to this now but I will tell you like it is. Some days it is a miracle I make it though the day alive, lol. I can totally understand how baby books and scrapbooks start off real good and then by the time you get to your third kid it takes a nose dive. I am getting caught up but I tell myself it is more important to be a good mom and play with my kids. It makes me feel better anyway (:. I hope they won't be to upset when they are grown up and see they are thrown together or there are missing pages.
We went out to dinner and a movie and Rob bought me these beautiful flowers. We always have so much fun together! Although marriage (Life) is full of ups and downs I am so blessed to have him by my side. He is such a blessing to the kids and I. It is always fun to get a date night. Speaking of date night...That movie Date Night is really funny. We watched that this Friday night at home. Great movie for married couples with kids.
I don't think I even edited this photo? She is a beautiful little girl. I love that she is mine!! She has been really changing lately becoming more like a little girl. Still a strong willed little lady but sweet to others and loves her family.
A cute funny smile.
The boys and Rob were in our towns Labor Day parade. Our church had a float and invited the community out to our church where we had a community fest that was very successful. We had games, food, and all kinds of fun stuff. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them but I didn't. Lauren and I watched the parade and she was scared to death of the fire truck sirens. Although she loves fire trucks.
Poor thing
I love our church. We have meet so many godly awesome people. It has been a privilege to be in community with such wonderful people. It is so neat to see so many people love others and love our children.
On a funny note, this is a normal after dinner fun. Lauren loves to copy her brothers they are her rock stars. Note: She wants to wear that OSU jersey everyday of her life. It is so darn cute she wears it with a cheer leading skirt. She wears it almost everyday. I put her down for a nap and sure enough she changes into it. She even tried to wash it in the wash machine and dumped detergent everywhere. I just had to laugh, it was after I told her it was dirty.
Drew did this first. I have no idea how he gets his to stick. He has a little button nose so I guess it just stuck right to hold the spoon. None of the rest of us could do it. It was fun trying. We planted pumpkin seeds in the early summer in the back yard and look what we got... There were so many vines they were climbing everywhere and taking over the yard. We got one big pumpkin and two small ones. The perfect number 3!! It was a great learning experience and the kids were really proud of them. Try it next year, make sure you pick a spot that has some room though.

I have to pull out a few more decorations and I will be ready for fall. It finally cooled off this weekend which has been nice. Now only if it did not get to cold.
I have a lot of catching up to do. School is going really well for all the kids and we are finally getting into our routine. It has been nice having a little bit of a break during the day. Being a mom is not for wimps!! Greatest job ever!!! Have a great week.


  1. Hi Katie! Sounds like you all have been busy! Great photos of all of you! You and Rob always looks so happy in your pictures!!

    Haven't bumped into you in forever!! We should try to get together sometime soon! I am having a Jewel Kade party in November....I will be sure to send you an invite!!


  2. Loved all the pictures! We celebrated our 11th Anniversary too on Sept 18th! Funny, huh?!

  3. What great photos Katie you have such a sweet family !!
    Enjoy the nice fall weather !

  4. It looks like you are having a wonderful fall! Congratulations on the anniversary! I am glad you could go out and celebrate. We didn't get to go out this year because Gary was working. He works so much lately. All the time. 17 hours yesterday. Can you even imagine? I worry about him.

    LOVE that she tried to wash her jersey. That is the cutest thing. I know exactly what you mean about her age right now. Everyone always says the twos are terrible, well the twos were an absolute BREEZE for us compared to the threes! Holy cow! I still remember thinking, how in the world do they get this way : ) and then all of a sudden, he was past that stage. PHEW! I miss those days. I really, really miss having a little one in the house.

    Hope your week is wonderful Katie! Much love, Becky

  5. Wow...lots going on. I have not ordered pics since last Oct! So almost a year ago, I need to get on that!! Molly changes at least 3 times everyday during nap time, I always find clothes in her clothes basket, buried under the real dirty clothes that should be in there!!


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