Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Drew

Today is Drew's 6th Birthday. Drew is such a lover, he is Mr. affectionate. That is defiantly his love language and I hope he is never to cool to hug and kiss his mommy. Drew started Kindergarten this year and is becoming a little man. He loves his brother and his sister and has a very sweet nature. He loves video games and I am quite impressed by his ability on Mario Brothers. For being so young he almost keeps right up with the adults. He has a very good memory and will watch secret tips on-line to beat levels and as we play he remembers them all. Drew is also very compassionate and loves babies and caring for small children. He is also a big comedian and will make you laugh for hours with his dancing and silly jokes. He is a friend to everyone he meets.
We love you Drew!!
Drew had a great game last week at baseball. He had two hits and got a out at third. He seems to be into the swing of things. He loves baseball.

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