Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I love this saying...

You can click the image and it will appear larger. I saw this on decorating blog today and I really like it. So true!! It is so easy to get caught in your circle with life and emotions. It is easy to have a pity party if life isn't going exactly the way you want. I sometimes get like this..YUCK. God has a plan and purpose for all of us and if we live for him and not for ourselves then life would be a gift. Lord let me live this today and everyday, amen.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

a little bit of everything recap

Hi Friends!! There is a little bit of everything in this post. I just ordered about 500 pictures from the last 6 months!! I wanted to post a few things that have happened in the last month It has been so busy with school, and the boys birthdays. Drew took this picture above. He is great and can center up pictures pretty good. This was from our anniversary. Rob and I were married 11 years on Aug 28th. Pretty sad that I am getting to this now but I will tell you like it is. Some days it is a miracle I make it though the day alive, lol. I can totally understand how baby books and scrapbooks start off real good and then by the time you get to your third kid it takes a nose dive. I am getting caught up but I tell myself it is more important to be a good mom and play with my kids. It makes me feel better anyway (:. I hope they won't be to upset when they are grown up and see they are thrown together or there are missing pages.
We went out to dinner and a movie and Rob bought me these beautiful flowers. We always have so much fun together! Although marriage (Life) is full of ups and downs I am so blessed to have him by my side. He is such a blessing to the kids and I. It is always fun to get a date night. Speaking of date night...That movie Date Night is really funny. We watched that this Friday night at home. Great movie for married couples with kids.
I don't think I even edited this photo? She is a beautiful little girl. I love that she is mine!! She has been really changing lately becoming more like a little girl. Still a strong willed little lady but sweet to others and loves her family.
A cute funny smile.
The boys and Rob were in our towns Labor Day parade. Our church had a float and invited the community out to our church where we had a community fest that was very successful. We had games, food, and all kinds of fun stuff. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them but I didn't. Lauren and I watched the parade and she was scared to death of the fire truck sirens. Although she loves fire trucks.
Poor thing
I love our church. We have meet so many godly awesome people. It has been a privilege to be in community with such wonderful people. It is so neat to see so many people love others and love our children.
On a funny note, this is a normal after dinner fun. Lauren loves to copy her brothers they are her rock stars. Note: She wants to wear that OSU jersey everyday of her life. It is so darn cute she wears it with a cheer leading skirt. She wears it almost everyday. I put her down for a nap and sure enough she changes into it. She even tried to wash it in the wash machine and dumped detergent everywhere. I just had to laugh, it was after I told her it was dirty.
Drew did this first. I have no idea how he gets his to stick. He has a little button nose so I guess it just stuck right to hold the spoon. None of the rest of us could do it. It was fun trying. We planted pumpkin seeds in the early summer in the back yard and look what we got... There were so many vines they were climbing everywhere and taking over the yard. We got one big pumpkin and two small ones. The perfect number 3!! It was a great learning experience and the kids were really proud of them. Try it next year, make sure you pick a spot that has some room though.

I have to pull out a few more decorations and I will be ready for fall. It finally cooled off this weekend which has been nice. Now only if it did not get to cold.
I have a lot of catching up to do. School is going really well for all the kids and we are finally getting into our routine. It has been nice having a little bit of a break during the day. Being a mom is not for wimps!! Greatest job ever!!! Have a great week.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A fun fall decoration

fun fall decoration. Anyone can do this one. Pottery Barn had a much bigger version of this one that I modified. You can use any container, backyard sticks, floral foam, a few pumpkins from Hobby Lobby, a little floral grass, and some crows that I got from Jo Anne's.
I had to use 3!!
Fall is so fun, I love the colors and the feeling. I love the chill in the air that is crisp but not cold. Lately it has been like summer again here though. Talk to you all soon..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Drew

Today is Drew's 6th Birthday. Drew is such a lover, he is Mr. affectionate. That is defiantly his love language and I hope he is never to cool to hug and kiss his mommy. Drew started Kindergarten this year and is becoming a little man. He loves his brother and his sister and has a very sweet nature. He loves video games and I am quite impressed by his ability on Mario Brothers. For being so young he almost keeps right up with the adults. He has a very good memory and will watch secret tips on-line to beat levels and as we play he remembers them all. Drew is also very compassionate and loves babies and caring for small children. He is also a big comedian and will make you laugh for hours with his dancing and silly jokes. He is a friend to everyone he meets.
We love you Drew!!
Drew had a great game last week at baseball. He had two hits and got a out at third. He seems to be into the swing of things. He loves baseball.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Jaden

My oldest baby turned 8 on sat. Time is going so fast like everyone said it would once they hit the school years. Jaden is a remarkable kid. In a given week I will hear from someone how he helped someone, that he was polite or that he is a great kid. Rob and I are so proud of him. He teaches us to better Christians through his faith. He defiantly has a call in his life for some sort of ministry. Some of his greatest joy is talking about God, and reading his word. He is like a sponge and really does know the bible. He is a very giving child and does not act spoiled. He is grateful for what he has and seems wise beyond his years. He is a our little leader and I could not ask for a better son. He is the first to make my dream a reality being a mother.
We love you Jaden!
He loves his sister! Even though she destroys his Lego's and goes in his room and makes a mess. He does get aggravated but he loves her.
Jaden is so funny he talks about hunting but then we showed him a video on YouTube about how you have to take care of a deer after you kill it he decided that he would rather just shoot targets. I don't blame him.
Drew his best buddy hugging him. They are so funny together. They are so close!!!
My parents came for the weekend and we went to the indoor water park, I have a few pictures to share soon. Today we went to the Mexican restaurant and they sang to him. Over the weekend I got the flu so I had to get through for the kids. There birthday weekend is a big deal in our house so I am feeling a little better. Seeing them happy makes me feel better. We still had a great time. More pictures to come.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Madelyn Elizabeth

Pause my music below and press play here.

This last Monday I was honored to attend little Madelyn Elizabeth's memorial service. I can't tell you all what a impact this made for so many. To often life seems so disposable. That just because a baby is early that for some reason our society does not think about this child as a life. No matter how small a life is a life. My heart breaks for Danielle and Mark's loss. I am so proud of her parents and how they respected her little life. Although her life was short her impact was great. Danielle told me that She loved her so much and was so proud to be her mom that she would do it all over again even with this outcome. To hear something like that just took me to my knees. Both Parents spoke and were so courageous. They shared their faith and God was glorified even in their tragedy. It was so touching and made a lasting impression on each person who was there. Danielle shared in her tears that God was the same God that was there when they heard each of their children's heartbeats for the first times. Just because their circumstances changed God is still the same. So in this season of sadness they honored the Lord and they are using this for His Glory. One day there will be no more pain or suffering there will be a day.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New office color

I can't find a before picture but it was a green. I don't mind green but it was really dark in there. I also didn't like the green with the white trim and french doors. Have you ever looked back and thought that was a weird choice? I actually remember painting it almost 3 yrs ago and thinking "That is Green, alright" I think once you buy paint and you start there is no stopping. I was not liking it much anymore so I wanted to lighten things up. I primed the whole room since I had to cover such a dark color and then I used one of my favorite colors "Tobacco Road" I have this color in the rest of my house as well. If you don't read the nesting place blog you should!! She is wonderful at decorating and on a budget.

Tobacco Road is one of her favorite colors and mine too. It is a nice tan/gold color that looks good with most furniture and is classic. The color actually looks different in different rooms depending on the light and time of day. I might add it looks good no mater what the light.

One of these days I would love built in bookshelves. Maybe I will try that in the future when the kids are at school all day. I really like projects. This old entertainment center is really getting old but it really serves a good purpose filling up the wall and it holds a ton of books, pictures and other decorative things.
My desk, sorry these pictures are so bright, I apparently used the flash since I took these at night. I will have to get some more natural ones later. I really love my desk it was a great re-purpose. I use it everyday and this is where I blog from. I have been really busy the last few weeks. I need to catch up on blogging and reading. Your all so kind and this has been a great outlet for me (:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lauren's first day of school

Lauren had her first day of pre-school yesterday. She seemed to enjoy it. She said she colored something pink. She also started her little gymnastics class which she loves. She says the word "Gymnastics so cute"
The camera likes her pretty face. She is always in motion! Lately she doesn't like to have her picture taken unless she is in the mood for it.
Have a great weekend friends!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

neat cabinet

Isn't this the cutest thing? I found this at Goodwill for $20! I knew it would be a great piece. It just needed some TLC.
Here is the before. I wanted to keep the same look. I like to mix furniture in my house. Most of my stuff is dark wood, black, cream.I seem to like the classic colors and nothing really formal.

First I wiped it all down and then used my sander to get the finish off. It is real wood but was covered with some sort of laminate finishing that was chipping and scratched. After I sanded most of it I cleaned the inside with bleach water to get any old smell out of it. Then I used my Mahogany mini wax gel stain and brushed and rubbed it on. Some parts were damaged so I used more gel and other parts I could just rub in some stain.
Jaden helping me out. He likes to help me look for cool furniture and I am teaching him as I go. Drew is taking a liking to photography so I am teaching him what I know there too. Kind of neat that my kids enjoy my hobbies.
I think it turned out really cute! I also added new hardware to the top and bottom knobs. I let it dry for about 24 hrs and then moved it into the office. I love old furniture with glass especially bookcases, barrister bookcases etc..Have a great day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall decorating

I love fall. These pictures are from Pottery Barn, I love getting PB catalogs. I get so many neat ideas. I think this weekend I am going to pull out my fall stuff and see what I have. We planted some pumpkin seeds in the spring and never knew that they would grow and vine like they did. The vines grew crazy but the neat thing is we got 3 pumpkins, I will post later.
With such a hot summer I am ready to pull out the pumpkins and candy corn.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Drew starts school

Drew started his first day of Kindergarten yesterday. He was so excited and came home with lots to tell me. He was actually excited to get up this morning which is not Drew like. He loves the bus I think that is his favorite thing. He is such a sweet guy. I am sure his teacher will love all his hugs!

I cried when he started to get on the bus. As I saw both boys get on together and drive off it just made me realize how fast time is going (then more crying). It is true what people say when they start school it goes so fast. I am so thankful to be able to be with them in the morning and be with them when they get home. I am happy for the kids to enjoy some Independence and fun. They need a schedule and it is nice to be refreshed for them since I have a little more time to get things done.
He turned around and posed. So cute!! I am so proud of my kids. I know all mothers are and they should be. I love my kids hearts they really do seem to have loving hearts. All I can ask for is for them to try their best and have good character. Next week Lauren starts! Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone!!

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