Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visit to PA

We went to visit my parents in PA a few weeks ago. I am finally getting to posting these. There are some cute ones. My mom is a planner and always has stuff planed for us to do when we visit.
I thought this was cute of the boys and Nana and Grandpa. We went to a park with beautiful crystal clear water.

I wish I had my good camera the water was so clear.
My dad has a awesome Harley, it is really cool and I am not a motorcycle person. I suppose if I did like them this would be the one!

He took me for a ride, I have to admit it was really fun.
Jaden loved it they just drove around the parking lot but he loved it. He told me he is getting one soon. Something else for mom to worry about!!
Lauren with her pretty pink painted nails. Everything look so beautiful on her with her skin, my goodness.
Drew took this picture of Rob and I, I think he is a natural. He seems to like photography, drawing, art..our creative one.
He took this too!!
We stopped at my dads work. Jaden was pretending he was the boss!!
We went to Lancaster, PA one day. There were lots of outlets and Amish food. Can't complain about those two things!!
We went to a Harrisburg Senators game (minor league baseball) here is Lauren with one of the mascots. She did not seem to enjoy the game to long, I wonder why?? lots of sitting which is hard for a busy 3 yr old. So her and I did a lot of walking and mascot stalking.

She climbed up in this chair and was trying to ham it up.
Before the game.
Back to school is next Monday for Jaden, then Drew a few days later, then Lauren. Can't wait. This was our last summer getaway. We had a great summer!! Every year seems to get better and better. The kids are understanding so much more and I need less and less baby gear which is a real plus!!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! I love Lauren's pretty nails :) I haven't forgotten about her minnie shirt....I will get it done next week. It's just been crazy with school starting this week! I love that zebra dress she has on....I wanted to get Lily one like it, but they didn't have her size :(

  2. What a fun trip! That park looked so pretty!


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