Tuesday, August 3, 2010

trash to treasure end table

Found this beat up table at Goodwill for $7.99. It is really old, not sure how old but before the 40's is my guess. It was in okay shape except the top was coming un-nailed. I just took out nails and reinforced it with new ones. Love my hippie paint drop cloth? My brother in college was going to throw it out so I figured it would be great for paining.
Like my old window. We went to a baby shower this week for a family friend and her dad gave me this! I am going to feature there home on my blog later this week, stay tuned!! Anyway I love the window!!
See the top is beat up but in a beachy good way, I weathered the rest of the table to match.
More office organizing space, I really like it.
It cost me $8 total I already had the paint, the lamp, baskets and the window was a gift. I can't say enough about shopping the house. Right when you think you like something some place, try moving it, painting it or making a new display use old dishes,shells and natural elements. This has really helped me decorate and redecorate the house for no or low cost. Also at garage sales and Hobby Lobby if you find something you like but don't really have a place to put it and it is cheap save it. I have a area in my basement where I keep found treasures that haven't found a home yet but can be used for great inventory when I am being creative.


  1. Love it! Great job Katie!! And that window... swoon! :)



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