Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trash, Seriously

Seriously I found this on the side of the road!! Real trash to treasure. Only those who love this hobby will get the pure delight in finding such a thing in the trash. I knocked on the door just to ask and not be rude and the guy was so nice he loaded it in my van for me. I am not to proud and my kids are so funny they love to give me a hard time when I see furniture on the curb. I can not believe what people throw away!! I can just see them now telling their teachers that their mom loves to dumpster dive. To that I will have some explaining to do. I am proud of my treasures!! This end table drawer thing is super heavy and really neat. One of my blog readers suggested I add steps to get trash to treasure.. Here we go
Trash To Treasure Tips
1. Find junk (no need for pride here, garbage, garage sales, Goodwill)
2. Wipe it all down with some sort of cleaner
3. Think of a plan as far as paint color or stain
4. Sand all over with piece of med sand paper or a electric sander
5. On this piece I sanded the top really well and then used Mahogany Mini Wax stain and applied two coats with a brush only to the top
6. Painted the rest with a creamy white paint
7. Brush on a clear polyurethane on top of the stain for extra protection (once the stain is dry, usually a day or so)
8. let paint and other coating dry another day or so
9. Enjoy!!
It matches my new desk but we are using it upstairs.
Pretty neat for free.
Today I found another great treasure I will have to share that later. I am super behind on many things. Just wanted to share. Thanks for all the notes and encouragement. I love my friends, family and fellow junkers!!!


  1. Thank you for posting steps! I can't believe someone threw that thing out. Seriously???? Another idea---post pics of your kids' bedrooms and any "trash to treasure" finds in them. :)

  2. That is amazing, Katie!! You just have a great eye for this sort of thing! I have probably gotten rid of stuff that you could've made beautiful!! I am afraid of paint, but you make it sound so doable. I will have to try this sometime!

  3. Another WOW transformation! Cheers to the curbside finds!! You are finding some great things and turning them into wonderful pieces!!

    I'm glad you are loving your hobby!!!


  4. Oh my gosh... I love it!! I can't believe someone was throwing that away. Great find! Great makeover! :)

  5. You have found some amazing items and you are making them look so beautiful! You may be brining out the handy person/crafter in me...hmmm what can I get my hands on :-)BTY, we live in Pataskala, not far at all from Pickerington!

  6. so cute! and I cannot wait to see what else you found!! please update with some pictures!

  7. Katie - you are CRAZY good at this!

    I will do the blog make-over next week! Let's touch base with new photos, etc.

    Love you,


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