Monday, August 16, 2010

Enjoying Life

One of my favorite things to do as a family is to take the kids to a park or field and just let them enjoy life. They love to explore and find new bugs. They amaze me with what they find so fascinating. It is a reminder to me to enjoy life when I am with them. To often many of us are so busy with life that we forget to enjoy our life and it can pass us by. I want to incorporate more fun with my kids and less busy. Sometimes we have to go here and here and here and we don't stop and smell the roses. Nothing makes me heart happier then seeing them just be kids. We live in busy culture that doesn't allow kids to be kids very long.
Just recently we went through a tough decision with Jaden. We signed him up for football this fall only to realize that he was happier just playing with Lego's and throwing the football with Rob in the back yard. We didn't want him to make us happy by doing a fall sport. He is a tough kid and we also knew that his unhappiness was not due to lack of trying. It was hard to decide what to do. We realized we needed to do what makes Jaden happy and what makes him grow as a person. Next year it might be something else or football again but for now he just wants to enjoy life. It also showed me in the process that I need to take some advice from my son and enjoy each moment instead of thinking what might happen or complaining about the situation I am. I am very blessed but so easy we (I) can go down that path of not enjoying what God has given us because we are upset about something or wishing certain seasons of life would move on. So thank you Jaden for showing me to do what makes you happy and how happiness can be where ever you are planted.

I have posted this before but it is such a cute picture.

Each day my kids show me how to be a better person. You can learn a lot from kids.


  1. That's so true, Katie....we can learn alot from our kids. Those are such great photos!

  2. Very well said Katie - brought tears to my eyes! This kid thing is certainly teaching me ALOT. This was Noah's first year to not play baseball - it was hard for so many different reasons (alot of selfish reasons on my part actually) but, it was definitely the right decision. Evan is thinking he doesn't want to play basketball or baseball next year....we are definitely going to let him take the lead. Thanks for this great reminder! Your pictures are beautiful!

  3. so true Katie! the sports, and activities, and errands, and even church events, has America's kids so busy and frazzled they are missing life! We work hard at trying not to be too busy, and if we find ourselves having to be busy we try and make it things that require nothing of them (as far as expectations). I am working hard to train them (and their mommy)to be content being still and doing work at home. Thanks for the reminder!


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