Monday, August 9, 2010

Dragonflies and more news...

I took these by the lake when we went on our getaway. I love taking pictures of nature. This was great practice considering they move their wings so fast and never stay still. I was so happy to get one still flying shot above. It took a little time and work. I think Dragonflies are beautiful~

We have had a lot going on. Every weekend we have been busy. It has been a lot of fun things so that kind of going is okay with me. The kids start school in about 3 weeks. Drew a little later and Lauren even later. I am so looking forward to some time during the week to get some things done and enjoy some alone time. I love being with them but get over stimulated at times. You all can relate I am sure. It has been a fun summer but a hot one, hotter then normal for around here. Jaden is swimming now, Drew is okay with floates and Lauren just plays on the steps. Maybe next year we can go to a pool that might help the summer days pass.
Last week we had a fire on our street. We had a bad storm and lighting hit my neighbors house a few doors down across the street. The strike woke me up I thought it hit our car in the driveway because it was so loud. I looked and I saw nothing. I went back to bed and then heard sirens come by our neighborhood and then turn off. It was horrifying to see 4 firetrucks and other rescues trucks on our road at 4:20am. Seeing smoke pour out of someone home is devastating. The family is fine but I felt so sad for them all I could say was I am so sorry. I am thankful it was not our house but not thankful for it to hit any ones home. The house will need to be gutted I am sure. Between the mail truck and the house I can do to not see anymore firetrucks again.
Well off to the grocery, school supplies and start to school clothes shopping.
I have lots of fun pictures to share in the next week...
Feeling thankful and refreshed today. Sometimes my life feels crazy but I would not change it. I have the greatest job in the world!!


  1. Morning Katie,

    Your pictures of the dragonfly are wonderful. Great job catching those!

    We have had a great summer too, but Lexi is READY to go back to school. She will be in Middle School and is VERY excited! Enjoy the rest of your summer.♥

  2. Yikes! Scary about your neighbors house! Glad everyone is okay! Love the pics! And yea for some Mommy time when school starts!

  3. Love the dragonfly photos... they are beautiful creatures! So sorry for you neighbors. That is terrible, but glad they are alright.


  4. Those are such great pics!!! That is so scary and sad about your neighbor. crazy for that and the mail truck thing to happen on your street! We are school shopping and all that good stuff this week and next too. I agree though, this is the BEST job in the world!!

  5. I agree...greatest job ever! :)


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