Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cute pictues end of summer fun

Love this picture I wish Lauren was looking up but it is very hard to get her to look at the camera and smile these days.
Perfect of the boys!!

A couple weeks ago we stopped at the Velvet Ice Cream factory. It is about 45 min from our house. It was actually really neat. They had some animals, playgrounds, ducks, and a place to eat.
Lauren enjoyed it!!
My garden Urn. I bought two of these from Lowe's a few months ago. I really like them but they weigh about 70# a piece. I like the authentic look of them. My flowers did okay this year but not great. Last year they seemed to do better. Maybe because it has been so hot here this summer. In other news I now have poison Ivy. I have no clue how or when I got it but I developed it at my parents house over the weekend. I have been miserable. I have it all over my neck, jawline, chest, stomach and back..If you have any good remedies let me know. Last time I had to go to the Dr and get a shot I am hoping to avoid that. I have more end of summer pictures coming soon. Hope your all doing well!!


  1. Lauren is growing up so fast....she is just so precious! The pics of them all with their Dad are so good! Bummer to the poison ivy :( I have never had it, so I don't know any advice for you.

  2. I have never had poison ivy before either, yuck! Praying you heal quickly! Cute pics!!

  3. I somehow stumbled upon your blog and the Velvet Ice Cream factory caught my eye. I also live about 45 mins from there. I also have 2 beautiful little girls whom were brought into our lives from the miracle of adoption. Your children are breathtaking and I look forward to following your blog!!


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