Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st day of school Jaden

Jaden's first day of 2nd grade was yesterday. I am so proud of my little man. I can't believe he is going to be 8 soon. It seems like yesterday that him and I were going shopping at the store and he was sitting in the front of the buggy (sniff sniff) We met his teacher last week and she seems very nice and organized.
I took a bunch of pictures before school. I have a few more to share of Lauren that are cute but I love some of these.

And he is off ): I actually am really happy for him. He enjoys learning and meeting new friends.
Drew starts on Thursday and Lauren next week. New milestones!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

What Lies Beneath House

This is a real toss up because the What Lies Beneath house is awesome too. I really like brick style colonials but this house is probably my other favorite style. This is a Nantucket style house, could fit on a beach easily or Lake. The house is so beautiful it is scary. That is the whole idea I suppose if you have seen the movie. I haven't seen the movie in a long time but I am going to rent it because I just want to look at the house.
I could go for this. I am not much of a lake swimmer but it would be nice to have for fishing and of course photography.
I love the Pergola thing, I want one of those someday.

I love white and dark wood together.

Love the built in shelves and molding.
What other movie houses are really neat. If you have another one with neat interior let me know. I want to watch more...I actually just print these off for the dream book (my book of ideas) A girl can dream, right?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I love this movie house..

Those of you who love it too won't have to guess long.
Something's Gotta Give!!
It was on the other day and although it is a good cute funny movie I could not help myself from daydreaming about the decor in the house. It was about as perfect as it comes. Bead board, molding, wainscoting, built in bookshelves, neat windows, dark wood floors..Very classic with a coastal twist.

I love this kitchen!!
This dining room with the white hutch and dishes is to much!! I love it!
It is much to late so I better rest I just wanted to post these while I had the house in my mind. I will post some pictures from the movie What Lies Beneath Next..I love movie houses!!

Visit to PA

We went to visit my parents in PA a few weeks ago. I am finally getting to posting these. There are some cute ones. My mom is a planner and always has stuff planed for us to do when we visit.
I thought this was cute of the boys and Nana and Grandpa. We went to a park with beautiful crystal clear water.

I wish I had my good camera the water was so clear.
My dad has a awesome Harley, it is really cool and I am not a motorcycle person. I suppose if I did like them this would be the one!

He took me for a ride, I have to admit it was really fun.
Jaden loved it they just drove around the parking lot but he loved it. He told me he is getting one soon. Something else for mom to worry about!!
Lauren with her pretty pink painted nails. Everything look so beautiful on her with her skin, my goodness.
Drew took this picture of Rob and I, I think he is a natural. He seems to like photography, drawing, art..our creative one.
He took this too!!
We stopped at my dads work. Jaden was pretending he was the boss!!
We went to Lancaster, PA one day. There were lots of outlets and Amish food. Can't complain about those two things!!
We went to a Harrisburg Senators game (minor league baseball) here is Lauren with one of the mascots. She did not seem to enjoy the game to long, I wonder why?? lots of sitting which is hard for a busy 3 yr old. So her and I did a lot of walking and mascot stalking.

She climbed up in this chair and was trying to ham it up.
Before the game.
Back to school is next Monday for Jaden, then Drew a few days later, then Lauren. Can't wait. This was our last summer getaway. We had a great summer!! Every year seems to get better and better. The kids are understanding so much more and I need less and less baby gear which is a real plus!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trash, Seriously

Seriously I found this on the side of the road!! Real trash to treasure. Only those who love this hobby will get the pure delight in finding such a thing in the trash. I knocked on the door just to ask and not be rude and the guy was so nice he loaded it in my van for me. I am not to proud and my kids are so funny they love to give me a hard time when I see furniture on the curb. I can not believe what people throw away!! I can just see them now telling their teachers that their mom loves to dumpster dive. To that I will have some explaining to do. I am proud of my treasures!! This end table drawer thing is super heavy and really neat. One of my blog readers suggested I add steps to get trash to treasure.. Here we go
Trash To Treasure Tips
1. Find junk (no need for pride here, garbage, garage sales, Goodwill)
2. Wipe it all down with some sort of cleaner
3. Think of a plan as far as paint color or stain
4. Sand all over with piece of med sand paper or a electric sander
5. On this piece I sanded the top really well and then used Mahogany Mini Wax stain and applied two coats with a brush only to the top
6. Painted the rest with a creamy white paint
7. Brush on a clear polyurethane on top of the stain for extra protection (once the stain is dry, usually a day or so)
8. let paint and other coating dry another day or so
9. Enjoy!!
It matches my new desk but we are using it upstairs.
Pretty neat for free.
Today I found another great treasure I will have to share that later. I am super behind on many things. Just wanted to share. Thanks for all the notes and encouragement. I love my friends, family and fellow junkers!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trash To Treasure one of my favorites!!

It has been a while since I did a major trash to treasure project. I found this desk at my neighbors garage sale. I am always looking for wood furniture with good bones. This one matched that and for $20 who could pass it up. I wanted a new desk in my office and this was perfect. Very heavy older classic style desk. I sanded the whole thing with my sander, I love that thing. Then I thought about what color...Should I just stain it, go all black or white, or two-tone. I decided to do the top in stained wood and paint the rest. I forgot to take a picture of this step. For the top I used Mini wax gel stain in mahogany then I sealed it with polyurethane.
I love bead board and the desk had little recessed parts on the sides and back that would look great if I layed bead board. I felt so skilled going to Lowe's getting bead board cut. The guys working had no idea what bead board was!! At Lowe's they will make any cuts for you as long as you buy products there.
Then I bought liquid nails and glued it in place. Then painted the whole desk a creamy white.

Here are the in lays that the board fit in perfectly!!
This is the ugly side of it all, my garage during all of this. I get very messy when I am being creative. Typically I am neat and organized but when I work that is not the case. This was one of my more skilled projects so it took a while.I am really enjoying trying new finishes and ideas.
In the garage the pictures aren't that great.
Here is the back.
You can see the top here too and the sides better.
I found neat knobs at Meijer they were on clearance for only $1 a piece. That was a great find and they are really nice and heavy.
I distressed the sides a little and the tops of each drawer.
Can't wait to move this in the house. It was really fun!!
I spent about $65 total! Not bad!! I actually had the paint but bought more just in case but I can use that on a later project. More to come...

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