Monday, July 26, 2010


These pictures are from when we went to the Pittsburgh zoo a couple weeks ago. It was a really nice zoo. Lots of trees and they had a really nice newer addition along with a more established area that was nice. The kids are at the perfect age for the zoo.

They had really neat Tiger Sharks, and a Polar Bear exhibit. You could go through a tunnel and the Polar Bears were around you, so cool.
I thought this was funny!!
You could go in a tunnel and pet stingrays. Lauren liked it!!

Neat play area, it was old school with big climbing nets and tunnels. Really fun and huge!!
Drew loves turtles, of course they were arguing who got to sit in front. Since Drew loves turtles he won.
Such a fun time.
This weekend was a blast. Rob took me away for a weekend getaway. It was one of the best memories I have with him. I will post pictures soon!

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  1. I desperately want a weekend getaway!! Hope you enjoyed and can't wait to see pictures!


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